NewsX Connect: Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan discusses the controversy surrounding the Tamil film Mersal

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The Tamil film Mersal has been in news ever since a controversy broke out revolving around one of its scenes wherein the movie's lead character questions the government's inability to provide free health care to the needy despite levying exorbitant taxes in form of GST. Subsequently, the BJP leaders have been demanding that the scene should be taken out of the movie. Also, one of the BJP leaders has flippantly attributed the lead actor Vijay's 'hatred' for Modi to his Christian faith. Amidst the political chaos, Rahul Gandhi (through his official Twitter handle @OfficeOfRG) added fuel to fire by asking PM Modi not to demon-etise the Tamil Pride on Twitter. 

Murtaza Ali Khan, Editor-in-Chief of A Potpourri of Vestiges, was invited earlier today by NewsX to participate in a live discussion on the issue. Here's the complete discussion:

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