Best horror flicks on Netflix for a family-friendly Halloween

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In no mood to totter in to parties in fancy costumes? No stress. Include your family in your Halloween plans for a change. Stock up on treats, candies, pranks and scary stories. Get together and vote for a list of Halloween flicks to kinder the Halloween spirit at home. Yep, Netflix has got you covered there. Start off with the child-friendly, happy-go-lucky Halloween dramas. Move on to sassy, saucy teen horror. And, once the kids are asleep, brace for the real chills—the ones that are bound to shake up the bravest of the brave.

Here’s a ready reckoner of movies on Netflix for everyone in your family. Sit back, log in, and get ready to be terrified. Oh, and happy Halloween!

Movies for the entire family: The Addams Family
For those who grew up in the ’90s, The Addams Family was perhaps your introduction to the supernatural. And if you grew up after that, it’s time you discovered this classic. Oddball characters and children getting up to weird things. That’s something all Indian families can relate to.

Also watch: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, E.T., The Real Ghostbusters

Movies for tweens and teens: Scream
With a serial killer out there and a group of teenagers at the centre of the mystery, Scream will have you hooked from scene one. But can these guys really trust each other as they set out uncover the killer? With cyber-bullying as a theme and a scary past looming large, this one’s got every single thrilling trick in the book to set you up for a nail-biting ride. A perfect watch for a Halloween evening with picky teens.
Also watch: The Babysitter, The Vampire Diaries, iZombie

Movies just for adults: The Conjuring
If you haven’t heard of The Conjuring and its chill factor that spread far and wide, what can we say? Well, sorry, you’ve been living under a rock. There’s still time to catch up on this twisted paranormal movie with your young adults or tweens, as they prefer to be called. Follow the Perron family’s hair-raising tale of their time inside a possessed house. Demonologists, disturbed spirits, exorcism: it’s got everything that makes a horror film truly horrifying.
Also watch: Bates Motel, Paranormal Activity 2, Black Mirror

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