'Muavza' Review: An engaging film about people blinded by the lust for money and power

By Murtaza Ali Khan

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Muavza is a satirical comedy directed by Girish Juneja. The film stars Annu Kapoor, Akhilendra Mishra, and Pankaj Berry in the pivotal roles. The film presents the story of the nouveau riche of Delhi told through the microcosm of a section of the Gujjar community. Over the last couple of decades Delhi has been undergoing a constant expansion, engulfing neighboring villages and suburban settlements. This has led to a soaring rise in property rates; even barren patches of lands are suddenly valued in millions. Muavza brings to the fore the dramatic changes that this has brought to the lifestyles of the hitherto poor landowners.

One of the keys themes in Muavza is profligacy. Serendipitous wealth can often lead to wastage of resources. Annu Kapoor plays a character called ‘Bechu Bhai’ in the film. Here is a shrewd opportunist who is always looking to bilk the nouveau riche, who, in a bid to perpetuate their newly earned reputation, are easily fooled. Muavza is a reminder that newly gained fortune if not put to good use can quickly slip away, leading to disasters. In words of Kapoor himself, “The movie is small but it was the true effort of the team to bring in light a very serious and sensitive issue. There is also a teaching in this film that when you get the Muavza then you should stay away from people like Bechu Bhai so that your money stays safe.”

Muavza is driven by the brilliant performances of Annu Kapoor and Akhilendra Mishra with each bringing a certain complexity to their respective characters. As a matter of fact, the best scenes in the movie are those which feature exchanges between the two veteran actors. Mishra is at his best in the scenes that depict authority and command and Kapoor provides him with the perfect foil. Credit also goes to Pankaj Berry for his multilayered portrayal. There is a hilarious scene wherein his character gets trashed by the village women while being in an inebriated state. The rest of the actors do well to support them but ultimately the film revolves around the trio.

Overall, Muavza is an engaging film about people blinded by the lust for money and power. The film is made special by a screenplay that’s laced with wry wit and humor. The reassuring presence of thespians like Kapoor and Mishra is a real icing on the cake. However, the film suffers from predictability as well as poor pacing. A slightly tighter editing would have greatly benefited the movie. But despite its weaknesses, Muavza succeeds in making a strong point about an important issue that needs our attention. And it does so in an entertaining manner and without being too preachy.

Rating: 7/10

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Muavza (2017) - Official Trailer (YouTube)

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