Honeymoon Travels: How cinema inspires couples to live their travel fantasies

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We all get tired of our busy lives and feel like breaking free of the day to day drudgery. Travel often serves as the elixir that helps keep us in the right spirit as and when our daily schedules get a bit too overwhelming. Speaking of travel, even those who are habitual travelers see Honeymoon as the best time to fulfill their travel fantasies.

The desire to travel gets stronger and stronger when we see various beautiful places on television, cinema screens or internet. Just consider how popular a honeymoon destination is Paris amongst the newly wedded Indian couples. Hollywood, and of late Bollywood, has played a pivotal role in establishing Paris as one of the most desired honeymoon destinations. Another thing that films have done is to make destination weddings really popular.

Take the example of the films that Bollywood has made in the recent times like Mubarakan and Shaandaar. In fact, nowadays, majority of the films are shot in exotic foreign locations and whenever one sees these places the desire to travel to those places increases. I, for one, was really inspired to travel to the Scandinavian countries after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I have many friends who decided to travel to Europe for their honeymoon after watching the Kangana Ranaut movie Queen.

While we all want to travel to some amazing global destination like my friends it’s not always possible to realize the dream. Often the biggest constraint is the budget. I am sure we all would like to go ahead and take a tour to those exotic places if the packages were pocket friendly. The irony is that we often end up going way over budget even while holidaying at a local destination.  But if we plan things more carefully we can certainly undertake an international holiday for the same budget, if not less. The trouble is our lack of knowledge and over-dependence on travel agents.

But I think those days are over when travel agents could loot the uninitiated travelers, for Expedia has created a tool that gives recommendations on honeymoon destinations around the world depending on your budget and the time of the year you would like to go. As an icing on the cake, they have also featured some famous Bollywood movies shot in those destinations along with some famous Bollywood celebrity couple who have been there for their own honeymoons.

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