Tusshar Kapoor launches the music of Marathi film 'Waakya'

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Tusshar Kapoor launched the trailer of Marathi film 'Waakya'. The actor also expressed his desire to work in regional movies since he believes they are made on subjects that can leave a lasting impact on the audience. 

The star cast of the film Abhijeet Kulkarni, Priyanka Dynanlaxmi, Ganesh Yadav Prema Kiran, Kishori Sahane, Subhash Bhalsingh, Panshul Kamod and music director Dev - Ashish were present at the event.

The Marathi film Waakya produced by Sunny Shah and directed by Deepak Kadam has won the 3 ‘Chitrapushpa’ awards at Pune Film festival. It is a film about a poor father helping his son to get good education, in spite of facing many problems. 

Veteran actor and reputed director Raj Dutt has played a lead character in the film and won the award for best actor. The film has also won an award for best rural film and Prema Kiran won the award for best supporting actress. The film has also won few awards at other film festivals.

Producer Sunny Shah when asked about his film said, “This is a unique film, which is totally based on ‘fight for education’. A father has decided to educate his son, but people oppose him and remind him of their ancestral tradition. The film has been shot in rural areas of Maharashtra.”

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