Music into Love is equal to Oscars: The La La Land Success story

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By Prakash Parasuraman

La La Land, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Kiss

We are a few days away from the 89th AcademyAwards; Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood Avenue is gearing up to witness the grandest of all awards. The final nominees were announced on 24th January. Since the announcement the Nostradamuses of Hollywood are busy predicting the winners.

Relax! I am not going to predict any winners here (Thank god). There is one particular name in every predictors list and that is La La Land for the best motion picture. The Musical romantic drama has been nominated in a whooping 14 categories which is by far the best for any movie and it has equaled the record held by Titanic.

La La Land, the Damien Chazelle directorial, has won many hearts and awards in the recent days. The movie which has its inspiration rooted from Singing in the Rain and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg has its own mark as well.

The story revolves around two aspiring souls in Hollywood, one a jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and the other Mia (Emma Stone) an aspiring actress.  Both the young talents have the heart but lack the opportunity, ends up in each other’s hands. Fate plays once the love settles in.

La La Land, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Kiss, Bus

The movie was praised for recreating the lost style of 1960s. Music, romance and the emotional climax has hooked up the audience till the end of the movie. Most of the eye were wet when leaving the movie hall. Justine Hurwitz, Damien’s longtime friend is the man behind the piano. His music has tied the audience throughout the movie.

The journey that Damien has undergone along with his friend Justin was not that easy. The story of La La Land was born in the premises of Harvard University some six years back, when both of them were still students. Initially they have planned to picture a short film but once they have penned the entire plot they changed their mind.

They approached many producers to make La La Land a mainstream movie but was shown the doors as the movie lacked the commercial elements. In the meantime Damien’s Whiplash has got good response from the audience as well as in the box office.

La La Land, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, LA

This helped Damien to bring up La La Land again and finally his dream has come true. Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Gary Gilbert and Marc Platt funded the movie. The names like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has hyped the movie. Now it has become a celebration for movie lovers and romance adorers.

The movie has created history by winning seven Golden Globe awards and numerous other awards. Though the movie might face some serious competition from Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea in the Oscars it seems La La Land clearly has some musical advantage.

We have to wait till February 27th to celebrate the movie again. ABC will broadcast the event live.

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