Randeep Hooda's mother honored at Humanity Achievers Awards

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A.R Foundation and Niveditha Foundation organized the award function Humanity Achievers Awards in Delhi. The function endeavored to recognize those people who have done well in their fields. Asha Hooda, the mother of actor Randeep Hooda was awarded by Lifetime Achievements awards. Also the Managing Director of Effective Communication, Usha Mishra, was awarded by the leading PR award of North India in Bollywood.

There is beauty in every human being which is his real legacy. It is a different matter that the person is being ignorant by his own skill or else her skill does not get the attention till the world does not salute his talent. This is the only reason millions of people work day and night in different areas but they present themselves as a worker. They hide their talent and skills or they won’t be able to see their own skill, that’s why their true talent could not be emerged and the world remains deprived to see their talent.

However there are no less people who work in their respective field, not just writing their name in golden words but also the interests of society is plentiful. A few days ago A.R Foundation and Nivedita Foundation jointly organized an event for presenting Humanity Achievers Award. 

Talking about getting this award, Usha Mishra said “I am very thankful to the media people who support us a lot.” The award ceremony also had several dance performances by many talented people.

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