Swara Bhaskar's next 'Anaarkali of Araah' set to release on 24th March

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Swara Bhaskar, Anaarkali of Araah

Swara Bhaskar is all set to push the boundaries with her upcoming film Anaarkali of Araah. Swara will be playing a singer in the movie while will be helmed by filmmaker Avinash Das. 

But there is a twist here. For, Swara plays a singer who sings double meaning lewd songs. Her character is very unapologetic about her sexuality. She considers herself an artist and her work an art.

Her character is basically that of a woman with fiery spirit but she is still vulnerable in a volatile and violent world that sees women like her as mere objects.

Anaarkali of Araah set to release on 24 March, 2017.

Swara Bhaskar in Anaarkali of Araah

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