Amy Jackson roots for animal welfare

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Amy Jackson, stunning beauty

Amy Jackson who did her schooling in London has requested her school management to hold a workshop where she could meet the students and speak about the importance of animal care.

The gorgeous actress has always supported the cause of animal welfare be it cruelty against them or raising funds through an NGO for the betterment of them. 

If sources are to be believed, Amy wanted to be involved in some activity that helps creating awareness about protecting animals. She feels when actors discuss about issues like these, it creates more awareness and the initiatives are taken seriously. 

Amy discussed this with her team in London and requested them to get in touch with her school management to hold a session where she will personally meet students and interact with them. She will also encourage them to adopt animals such as cats and dogs. 

The talented actress feels people aren’t that aware about animal welfare and the well-being of animals. If need be, she will also work on methods to raise funds to take this ahead.

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