Art For Peace Hollywood Awards honours Indian Personalities

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Art For Peace Awards was hosted and given in Mumbai, where Munni Irone Hollywood celebrity personality from Beverly Hills flew into Mumbai to honour CINTAA Association and Satish Reddy from World News Network to create a bridge between Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood. She honoured the Art For Peace Awards to CINTAA group which caters to ten thousand Actors from Bollywood for which the award was received by Ms. Sahila Chadhda on behalf of CINTAA. Munni Irone wanted to promote peace with a unique and emotional event by connecting us all to the universe with one message of peace. It is Ms. Munni’s desire to create the world that works for everyone with no one left behind. “Art is the way that we can experience the oneness between us all,” said Ms. Irone. “I believe these awards will not only serve to lift up these wonderful artists and their cultures but collectively this will lift the cooperation between all nations”, she added.

Munni Irone also honoured Satish Reddy who is promoting peace, fashion, arts and Bollywood with cultural diversity across the Europe, US, UK, and India. He recently did a fashion week in Paris on the top of the Eiffel Tower. Satish Reddy said, " I am honoured to be the recipient of this award; it’s a wonderful feeling and to win such a prestigious award and it is a wonderful opportunity to boost the vitality of our cultural exchanges. It is a reflection of the growing peace and harmony all over the world."

In 2016 Art for Peace Awards given at Beverly Hills were Queen of Art for peace is Erin Haskell and princess are Dr. Lara Shah, Isabella Cascarano and Karen Hoyos and the king for 2016 Art for Peace Awards is King is Joseph Tomangi Junior, Prince is kieth Michael, Basil, and Shang Ping. Best Actor award won by Dan William and Maria Conchita Alonso got the Best Actress Award.

The combination of the awards celebration and entertainment made a unique atmosphere and ambiance.

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