Maanagaram/Nagaram (2017): Movie Review

By Rohith Raju

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Maanagaram movie still

Maanagaram/Nagaram -- one city, four stories, different mishaps, only hope is to earn a living and move forward -- has been deftly knitted with a tight yet unpredictable hyperlink narration with elements like suspense, love, hope, valour and cupidity.

Kudos to the debutant for his coming of age hyperlink cinema which is highly impressive due to its lifelike performances, quirky plot lines and the unbelievable climax.

The film depicts the story of four people who face agony just because of one another. There is Sri, a newcomer to the city, who always faces misfortunes. And there is Sundeep Kishan, an aggressive youth, who is seen flirting Regina and at the same time does quarrels and combats. There is Charle, a middle aged person, who has come to the city to earn a living. Lastly, there is this guy, Ramdoss, who creates humour with his immature sense when he joins a local gang. Taking these four characters, the director and the creative team weave an impressive well-wrought story which at no point falls flat.

The film is technically sound in terms of cinematography and background music. Songs speak about the story to some extent. The film’s running length makes it even an engaging yet gripping watch.

It’s refreshing to experience a hyperlink cinema amidst mainstream films. It effectively dramatizes the harsher side of the society which puts common man at trouble sometimes for no reason. Often, hope, courage and luck are the only things which can bring us out of suffering. These are the main elements that the filmmaker penned to keep the pace of the hyperlink structure. Though the film falls under the suspense genre, the subplots interpret the life of four different people. Consider the scene where the police inspector slaps Sri, it is his individuality that urges him to define what he is! And the fact that he realizes that not everyone is unkind in urban atmosphere at the end. And the scene when Ramdoss leaves the 1 crore money he is offered, realizing his wrongdoings are worth mentionable.

Maanagaram movie still

On a whole, what works in this hyperlink cinema is its uncommon storyline, watchable performances and captivating suspense drama. Thankfully it's very good to expect a film like this from a debutant filmmaker as narration is the key in such hyperlink films. Give it a watch if you still haven't and thank us later.

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