How I fell in love with Eva Green again after re-watching '300: Rise of an Empire' on Netflix

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By Murtaza Ali Khan

Eva Green, 300: Rise of an Empire
Eva Green as Artemisia
I first fell in love with Eva Green as a teenager when I decided to go and watch Casino Royale in the middle of my end semester examinations during the second year of engineering. Who will not fall in love with Vesper Lynd? The vulnerability she shows in that shower scene makes it truly unforgettable. And the final scene when she drowns to death it felt at the moment as if a part of me too died with her. I have never related to Bond more than I did at that very moment when Vesper slips away from his arms forever. It was Eva Green's sheer brilliance that made Vesper Lynd so real. A lethal combination of beauty and brains, Eva Green's Vesper Lynd is really the thinking man's muse. As a teenager watching Casino Royale, Vesper Lynd meant so many things to me. But above all she has been a manifestation of the free spirit that has always inspired me to follow my heart despite the odds.

Last night, I once again fell in love with Eva Green while re-watching 300: Rise of an Empire on Netflix. I don't think that any other actor can look so delicate and ferocious at the same time. As Artemisia, Eva Green is the personification of death. And yet can anyone really resist falling in love with her? There is a certain outworldly energy that Eva seems to possess as Artemisia. Had this been in a non-fantasy film an Academy Award would surely have been hers. Try watching Eva Green in any of her interviews and you will notice that she is very soft spoken, introverted and a little shy. And then you think of Artemisia and you realise her acting calibre. And what's more commendable is her command over the English language. She can switch her accents at the drop of a hat. Mind it, she is French and so English is not her first language. As per her comments in her interviews she really seems to have worked hard on her English and it shows. 
Eva Green, Vesper Lynd, Casino Royal
Eva Green as Vesper Lynd
Coming back to Artemisia, it is amazing that even with her dainty frame she is effortlessly able to convey an enormous level of inhibited ferocity while commanding a huge fleet of tough looking Persian men. She is exceptionally nimble with a sword in her hand. And when she smiles beckoning you into her web of deceit you just can't resist the spider's touch despite knowing fully well that it's death you are approaching. Despite her ferality and unimaginable cruelty, Artemisia is ultimately a tragic character who was raped and ravaged as a child and so it's hard to hate her even when we see her partake in unfathomable savegery. It's a testament to Eva Green's virtuoso acting skills, her nymphian beauty, and her unparalleled charm and elegance that even in a average film like 300: Rise of an Empire, Artemisia still remains such an iconic character.
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