The White Helmets Review: Orlando von Einsiedel's Oscar-winning short documentary

By Aatreyee Dhar

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The White Helmets, Oscar-winning short documentary

Director Orlando von Einsiedel, in his 40 min documentary feature, interlinks an emerging narrative about a confederation of ordinary civilians who have vouched for eternity to save lives when the entire nation of Syria, brazen with the harrowing aftermath of plutocratic and zealotry spiked civil war that continues to target innocent civilians without rhyme or reason. This short documentary feature shot by Khaled Khateeb, one of the members of the White Helmets, chose to stay ensconced in their humanitarian exigencies when he was cordially invited and issued a valid VISA to attend the ceremony echoes and glorifies the uplifting and life saving efforts in the cold crosshairs of the doomed critique of postcolonial Syria.

From the tale of a 5 year old Omran Daqneesh to that of a week old Miracle Baby, The White Helmets unfolds the glimmering hope. The leap of faith aligning with one of the verses of the Quran "To save a life is to save all of humanity" gathers strength and intensifies again, layered underneath the admonishing brutality of merciless air-strikes, barrel bombs and artillery shootings. 

The White Helmets, Oscar-winning short documentary

The White Helmets dash into the smoldering scenes from one building to another, shoveling up bodies from under rubble and debris until the last of their efforts are expended into rebuilding a humane life, on the precarious edge of inhumanity after the despotic Assad regime supported by Russia decided to annihilate the whole country denouncing them to be the base operations of ISIS. As one of the volunteers grimaces, reckoning the collusion of two fear mongering sides, with ISIS on ground and the Russians raging out in the skies defines and directs the selfless vocation which has run its course already.

The White Helmets, Oscar-winning short documentary

The White Helmets lost more than 130 of its members and has saved more than 58,000 since its inception. And if Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Bridge gave us a conscientious objector, the White Helmets gave us a conscientious unison of importunate soldiers guarding the elan vital of existence, indoctrinated in saving lives instead of taking any.

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The White Helmets Trailer (YouTube)

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