Sourabh Shrivastav's 'Play This': Not a Trailer

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Play This: Not a Trailer Still

Play This is a story of some broken souls, The rebels, The outcasts and the wanderers, who are struggling hard to find their identities.

It’s the story of Rajat—a hedonist drummer who wants things to happen in his own ways and who never takes ‘no’ for an answer.

It’s the story of Antara who pours her heart out whenever she writes her poems, which also leads her into trouble most of the time.

It’s about Michal a carefree, softhearted guitarist who is as complex from within as sorted he looks looks from outside.

And it’s about Kabeer a gypsy musician who always looks for good vibes as he is anxious and paranoid from within.

Will they be able to find their identities?

To find out, watch ‘Play This‘ releasing this summer.


Written, Shot and Directed by: 
Sourabh Shrivastav

Produced by:
Pushpendra Tiwari and Anupama Shakya

Abhishek Mahendru, Animesh Shrivastava, Shurveer Singh, Harsh Dubey, Shalini Vishnudev

Anupama Shakya

Music & lyrics:
Sourabh Shrivastav

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'Play This': Not a Trailer (YouTube)

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