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'Haaye Dil' song launch in Delhi, Jubin Nautiyal

A Potpourri of Vestiges caught up with singer Jubin Nautiyal who was in Delhi for the launch of his new song 'Haaye Dil'. In his young career, Nautiyal has already managed to carve a niche for himself as a playback singer, having already sung for the likes of Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, etc. Some of the highlights of Nautiyal's career are Jolly LLB 2's 'Bawara Mann', Kaabil's 'Kaabil Hoon', and Bajrangi Bhaijaan's 'Zindagi'.


Tell us about the title 'Haaye Dil' and the inspiration behind it.

When I was a college student I did a mistake of breaking somebody's heart. I regret that. I made this song so that I never do something like that ever again. That it reminds me of the mistake that I made. The song is dedicated to that very moment.

Who all people have contributed to the song 'Haaye Dil'?

Since the album scene is more or less over in India we just came out with one song. The song is written by Sayeed Quadri. I have been a huge fan of his. 'Haaye Dil' finally presented me with the opportunity to sing a song written by him. The song has been composed by Rocky Khanna and Shiv. The song has been composed and picturized in the manner that the expression of an individual artist could be imprinted on the song.

It is never easy for a newcomer to establish himself/herself in the Mumbai industry. Tell us about your struggle during your early days.

I come from the hills of Uttarakhand. The unique echo of my voice seems to have struck the right chords with the people in Mumbai. And, just like that, people started comparing me with the best singers of the country. There can be nothing better for a young singer than people comparing his/her voice with the country's top singers. I have never seen my journey as a struggle. For me it has always been an educational odyssey. All this time my only intention have been to make each and every song that comes my way my own. The industry has embraced me with open arms. I am getting to work with the country's leading talent. It has been a beautiful journey so far.

Jubin, you have had classical training. In today's age how important is it for a singer to be classically trained? 

Classical training is important. However, what's more important is to be aware of your goals as a singer. If you want to be a classical singer then you really need to learn a lot of classical music. Now, I have learnt classical music but since I primarily sing for Bollywood I have also had to learn some western music also. As far as I am concerned the understanding of classical music has helped me understand the nuances of singing better. A thorough knowledge of classical music is anyway essential if one aspires to have a long singing career. 

You met A.R. Rahman at a very crucial juncture in your life and it actually transformed your singing journey. You suddenly decided to leave Mumbai and return to your hometown. And then you returned a better singer a few years later. Tell us something about that experience.

I passed my school in 2007. I came to Mumbai at that young age and started learning. I got a chance to meet Rahman sir on the sets of Ustaadon Ke Ustaad. He heard my voice and told me that my voice had an originality that can really prove to be of great value in Bollywood. He told me that it would take me a few more years to have a fully developed voice. And in between there was every chance that in a place like Mumbai, where there are so many influences, my voice could lose its originality. Although, I had already shifted my base to Mumbai I decided to go back, for when a musical scientist like Rahman sir gives you an advice you gotta take it. And, I must say, that I did the right thing.

Jubin, you just spoke about the journey of a singer. So during your journey till date who are the people that have influenced you and have helped you become better at your art?

I just have one singer whom I have admired in my life and that is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sir. And there is a reason why I admire him so much. Because his live signing feel like dubbing and his dubbing feel like as if he is singing right in front of you. Achieving that as a singer is like attaining perfection. It like fulfillment of a dream for a singer. My parents have been a great source of motivation for me in my life. It is never easy for parents to send their only son to Mumbai for struggle. It is an expensive place to live in but my parents supported me fully. So I would dedicated this career to my parents. 

Various singers in Bollywood, including Alisha Chinoy and Daler Mehndihave raised concerns about being underpaid. What are your thoughts on this?

I believe that it is the work that speaks for itself. Money and fame follow. When you do the right work you get paid.  

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