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 Logan, Wolverine, High Jackman

Wolverine is to X-Men what Iron Man is to Avengers. This muscular, indestructible, adamantium claws bearing superhero has appeared in multiple movies of the X Men franchise. Director James Mangold has made the most of this movie, being R rated, depicting the graphic visuals without any hesitation. Logan is a highly violent movie consisting vicious killings, infinite stabbings and time to time popping of heads after being detached from the body. This is not a movie for those who prefer cute action with comic reliefs from characters like Deadpool. If you are going to watch this movie, which by the way is something you definitely need to make your priority this weekend, you should keep in mind that you are in for some serious action.

Logan is definitely one of the most interesting superhero movies ever made and definitely ranks among the best work of the X-Men franchise. These days we are bombarded with plenty of superhero movies every year and it’s no longer a wonder to watch a superhero at big screen. One of the biggest superhero movie last year Batman v/sSuperman: Dawn of Justice failed badly to please the critics and same thing happened with the highly awaited Suicide Squad. However, both these movies received plenty of support from the audience and ended up amongst the biggest blockbusters of the year. But, Logan is a different kind of movie which will make you realize how good such movies can be while actually covering all the aspects of the cinema.

Professor X, Logan, Wolverine, High Jackman

This is a movie which will force you to not blink even for a second and it will make you wish to watch this movie without any intermission. Unlike other mutants of the X-Men series, Wolverine is not born is not a born mutant (technically speaking); he was subjected to a chemical experiment resulting in his mutation and tremendous powers he gained from it. He’s been around for ages but as the time passes away he is now becoming more and more tired. He’s living his days off as a drunk and taking care or at least trying to take care of a very old but still strong-willed Professor Charles Xavier.

The opening scene of the movie shows us the Logan having a fight with a gang of thieves who are trying to rip his car off. Logan is very much brutal in his manner of dealing with these pricks but we find him showing signs of old age. He is no more the Logan he used to be and his healing powers are now somewhat weakened.

The movie is set in future but we don’t know the exact timeline and the makers of this movie preferred to keep it this way. Living in desert, Logan gives you the flavour of a Western. This film is clearly inspired by the Western themes and Director Mangold gives us a peek at the 1953 George Steven’s Shame and pays a tribute to the Western genre of cinema when Charles Xavier tells Laura that this is a great film.  Logan is an anti-hero who initially has no interest in dealing with anything but with reminiscences of past sorrows; he finds himself dealing with the bad guys for one final mission. Some parts of the film also bear resemblance with the epic Mad Max: Fury Road. The most interesting character in this movie is that of a little girl, Laura, who is as brutal as Logan.

The screenplay of this film is written with precaution considering the effect last movie in this franchise left for the makers. It is very much gripping and smart. Smart in a way that everything that’s going on in the film has a solid background attached to it and we are made aware about it. There are breathers and there are humour elements as well in this movie, strong enough to strengthen the plot and the best part is that none of them will divert you from the original plot.

Logan, Wolverine, James Mangold

Technical part of the movie makes way for a better output. Sound effects and the script go perfectly well with each other. Sound is a very strong factor in this movie and it creates a huge impact for viewers making everyone even more interested in the story. The importance of characters is also established by using smart camera movements. Every time we look at Laura, we realize that the dolly is rolling up a little bit to zoom in at her and trying to display the value of this character.

This is easily one of the best superheroes movie ever made and is already creating a strong buzz with its premiere. Even if you hate Hugh Jackman or the character of Wolverine, you won’t find any reason to dislike this movie. Although if you are not a big fan of action or if you are easily grossed out by blood and fighting on the screen then this movie is not for you. A new generation of very limited X-Men mutants is also introduced in this movie creating some seriously interesting theories about which you should figure out more in the cinema. 

Rating: 9/10

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