What made Housefull 3 a hit? Akshay or the entire star cast?

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Housefull 3 movie’s box office collections proved once again that Akshay Kumar sells and that, he can take others on board and make them look good to the audience too. The film stars Riteish Deshmukh, Abhishek Bachchan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri and they all get their moment in the sun. According to online entertainment portal reports, its gross collections add up to a humongous Rs 177.40 crore.

The movie, despite its mixed reviews, has been appreciated by the audience.  We’d recommend you all to watch Housefull 3 for 3 reasons: Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar. The man has cracked his humour and entertainment formula, he doesn’t overpromise the audience any stellar performance or intend to portray the Housefull franchise as a classic comedy; he just wants them to have a good time and not think too much while watching the film. You can watch the entire film on Idea Movies & TV app.

Coming to the performances in the film, there’s no clear-cut character definition in either the male or the female roles. The ensemble cast did a decent job, but of the lot, it was only Akshay who put in all his energy. But that is also because Akshay was essaying more than one character, he was both Sandy and his evil inner-twin Sundi, who’d emerge each time someone would pass a racial comment. Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh don’t really have much to make their characters look or feel different from each other, however, they were the ideal supporting characters that the movie could ask for. Abhishek Bachchan, in fact, has a natural flair for comedy, but here he is toned down to the extent of becoming lacklustre. Riteish’s comic timing is good as always, but his performances are now getting repetitive with nothing to look forward to.

The ladies- Jacqueline, Lisa and Nargis were quite a disappointment, who are more of props in the movie than real characters. Aakhri Pasta, the famous character from the Housefull series played by Chunky Pandey, also strangely didn’t have much gags or screen time. Jackie Shroff’s character Urja Nagre is played stylishly by him in spite of it being written loosely.

If you watch Housefull 3 full movie online, one of the best scenes in the film you’d enjoy, is the one where Akshay’s split personality of Sundi take over and he dances on Pinga and a few other songs in a hilarious manner.

The silly puns and gags were still understandable considering the genre of comedy, but the regressive concepts, racism, sexism and other forms of insensitivity received major flak from the audience and critics.

Overall, Housefull 3 fell woefully short of humour compared to its two predecessors. However, all said and done, if you’re a fan of Akshay, then do watch Housefull 3 full movie online.As per critics, it is one of the finest performances of Akshay in a comic role. Do watch Housefull 3 online and let us know what you think was the reason behind its success.

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