"Thappad" is a warning that a man cannot hit a woman, period

Finally watched the trailer of Thappad. What I am about to say is going to antagonize a vast majority of my male friends here on Facebook. So please feel free to remove me from your list if your male ego doesn't allow you accept the reality that you can't hit a woman. Yes, you heard it right. You just can't. If you are a husband, you cannot hit your wife. If you are a father, you cannot hit your daughter. If you are a brother, you cannot hit your sister. Also, you cannot hit your girlfriend. Why? Because you just cannot. When a guy hits a guy what do we call such a guy? We call him a bully. And yet we expect a woman to ignore such acts of violence. Your stupid excuses will not work. "Oh, I did it to feel some titillation"... "Oh, she likes it"... "As a man it's my right"... "Come on, I did it so gently to get her attention". I mean aren't you ashamed of yourself? What do you think of yourself? You think you are some superior species that you can treat a woman the way you like? For thousands of years men have been thinking they they can treat the women the way they like. Well, not anymore! 

This is the 21st century. Every time a man will cross the line he will be called out. So you better watch out. Gone are the days when you could treat your wife as some slave. I cannot congratulate Taapsee Pannu enough for choosing to play a character like Amrita. Kudos to Anubhav Sinha for choosing to make a film on such an important subject! I strongly feel that just as Pink was successful in making every man realize, "'No' means 'No'", Thappad will make every man realize that he cannot ever hit a woman, period. No darn excuse can justify an act of violence against a woman. We all know the dangers of domestic violence. But how does it start? Well, it always starts with a slap. And so it's important to crush the very thought that makes a man take such a step. That he can get away with it. A man must be made aware that he cannot get away with it. If he ever raises his hand to hit a woman, there would be dire consequences. 

Thousands of years of patriarchy have conditioned men into thinking that they are born superior even though nothing can be further away from the reality. That's why it's important to recondition men. So next time you dare to think of hitting a woman (whether your wife, daughter, sister, girl friend, or any other woman) you better remember they you will be called out and there will be serious consequences. You are a man only because a woman had the strength to keep you safe in her womb for 9 months. Don't forget this ever.

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