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While it is arguable that Indian comedy television has always struck the right chord with its audience, when it comes to the new Kapil Sharma Show, the one-hour entertainer hit all the right notes that make Indian television comedy so successful – satiric commentary bordering on bizarre that is based society and current events, engaging and ridiculously funny Bollywood angles, and good ‘ole slapstick pranking and jesting.

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2:
It was when things in the Indian Television space had just about reached a bit of lull that this hilarious show rose upon the horizon to provide an hour of laughs every weekend, and be just what the audience hoped for. Each character on the show is unique and plays a well carved out role within the narrative. Audiences were a bit anxious when the show moved to Sony and was renamed, but the producers ensured that the essence and hilarity of the show remained intact. The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 is divided into two equally entertaining segments; the first of which is a skit enacted by the aforementioned characters, and the second, an interview with an eminent personality, usually from the Bollywood film industry.

The Characters of the Kapil Sharma Show:
The uninhibited characters of the show, is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Let’s take a look at some of the most beloved among them.

1. The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2, is woven around the Sharma Bandhu Salah centre that is owned by Kapil.
2. Within the area of this centre, lives Bachcha Yadav, known for his jokes and comments that he makes in his trademark laugh-till-your-tummy-hurts style.
3. He is joined by his cute but domineering wife Titli Yadav, played by the inimitable Bharti Singh, and their eleven children!
4. Chandan returns to play Kapil’s confidant, chai walla, and advisor while continually trying to get his money back from the former.
5. The pretty Sumona Chakravarti will play Bhoori, the feisty younger sister of Titli who is infatuated with Kapil and uses all sorts of antics to get to him.
6. Rochelle Rao stars as Kapil’s stunning and provocative neighbour who often renders Kapil speechless and quite flustered.

The starry line-up of Bollywood guests including the revered Salman Khan, on the Kapil Sharma Comedy show will not disappoint. The characters and their peculiarities when confronted with the usually caught off-guard guests, lend an extremely entertaining un-scripted tone to the show.

In an all new avatar, the second season that can be view on the Idea Movies & TV app, is outstanding in the way that it has merged and transformed previous characters and audience expectations, to create a humorously compelling narrative for new situations. All comedy that endures must in some way be self-depreciating and the Kapil Sharma Show season 2 is no exception. The characters often take pot shots at each other including the host and the guests, and this improve like setting is usually what makes keeps its viewers coming back for more. Catch the hysterical one-hour show, this weekend on the Idea Movies & TV app.

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