Kumkum Bhagya: A Love Story Like None Other – Defining Moments of Abhi & Pragya

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Those who watch Kumkum Bhagya-one of the most loved television shows in India, can swear by one thing that makes it so unique: the ‘awwdorable’ romantic love story of Abhi and Pragya. The crux of the story is that Sarla Arora, who runs a marriage hall, works around everything to see her daughters happily married. Shabbir Ahluwalia plays Abhishek Prem Mehra aka Abhi and Sriti Jha plays Pragya in the serial.

The highlight of Kumkum Bhagya TV show is Abhi and Pragya’s rollercoaster love story which has been through a number of twists and turns all the time. The love birds always end up being separated all thanks to Alia and Tanu’s evil plans. But amid all the troubles, they have always managed to stay strong and binded together.

Abhi and Pragya are poles apart in every manner. While Abhi is a popular rockstar with an arrogant attitude, Pragya is a naive and simple girl. The two are forced to marry and live together under strange circumstances. But eventually things change for the good and they fall in love with each other.

If you binge-watch Kumkum Bhagya online, here are some major highlights from their love story which you’re sure to love:

1. When Abhi & Pragya get married:
Aliya misunderstands that Purab is seeing Pragya, and Abhi marries Pragya to keep her from ruining Aliya's relationship with Purab.

2. When Abhi loses his memory and can’t remember Pragya:
It is revealed that Pragya is actually alive. The season ends with Pragya exposing Tanu and winning Abhi’s trust again. Abhi and Pragya confess their love for each other. However, Abhi gets in an accident and loses his memory, including Pragya.

3. When Abhi and Pragya remarry:
Abhi tells Pragya the truth about his fake marriage with Tanu and she agrees to marry him again. However, a jealous King, who is in love with Pragya, deliberately tries to end her and his own life. But surviving all the odds, Abhi and Pragya finally get married. 

4. When Kiara dies, and Abhi-Pragya separate:
Tanu hatches a plan with Nikhil to seen revenge from Abhi and Pragya. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Kiara dies. Her death leads to Abhi and Pragya’s separation.

5. When the twin daughters of Abhi & Pragya meet:
Kumkum Bhagya took a two-decade leap in March 2019. Post the generation leap, the show introduced Abhi and Pragya’s twin daughters Prachi and Rhea. 

6. Abhi & Pragya reunite after 20 years:
Abhi and Pragya come face-to-face after 20 long years! Even when apart, the couple yearns for each other’s love and company. 

Post the 20-year leap of the show, while the storyline focuses more on the twins Prachi & Rhea, we can see a more mature love story between Abhi & Pragya, and their role as parents to the twins. So, make sure to catch all the episodes of Kumkum Bhagya online.  You can also watch Kumkum Bhagya on Idea Movies & TV to stay tuned on all the latest updates.

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