What’s your take on Bollywood’s increasing song remixes?

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If you are a Bollywood fanatic, you ought to know the classic songs from the golden era by the tip of your tongue. Many of these songs are now easily known to anyone due to the various remakes and variations done in them by many artists and bands.

One such band that we cannot forget to mention is Sanam, with Sanam Puri as the lead vocalist. Sanam Puri songs are a treat to the ears. His modern rendition of old Bollywood classics is loved by many, and hence he and his band have garnered a lot of love and attention.

Unlike other Bollywood remixes, Sanam’s version of old Bollywood songs retain their charisma through the melodious tunes used, and also because of Sanam’s sweet as a honey voice that pulls at the strings of everyone’s hearts. Be it ‘O Mere Dil Ke Chain’ or Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen ‘Lag Ja Gale’, Sanam band has made a niche for themselves through their unique way of remaking old Bollywood classics.

It is interesting to see how people are loving these songs. One would quite often hear these jazzy versions playing in a café or a spa. That is how soothing the effect of this music is. These renditions of old Bollywood songs help in reacquainting the younger generation with the old gems of Bollywood which they probably do not know about. Especially when youngsters find old music boring and slow.

Many artists also come up with their versions of even the new songs. And this trend is on the rise. These solo artists sometimes also have video format which appeals to the audience. Sanam is again one  amongst many from this category.

Now, the question is that are these remake versions anywhere comparable to the original ones? The original, of course, has its own charm. But, if the number of likes and appreciation these new artists receive are any indications, then one would say that the audience loves them.

One of the most popular types is the acoustic versions which are not produced through the normal electronic means. Acoustic versions have their own set of fans and following. They’re so popular that if you try and go for any new Hindi song download, you are bound to find the original and the acoustic version. And also, the other versions by other artists.

As and when time passes, the number of solo artists coming up with their remix versions is going to increase. Many are excellent, many are great and some may not live up to the expectations. All we have is the option to hear what we like and appreciate that our old classics are gaining more popularity than ever.

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!

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