Netflix drops ‘House Arrest’ Trailer, a sneak peek into Karan's house!

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Netflix dropped the trailer for its upcoming film, House Arrest earlier today. Starring Ali Fazal as Karan, Shriya Pilgaonkar as Saira, Barkha Singh as Pinky and Jim Sarbh as JD, the film revolves around Karan who has decided to stay indoors to avoid the troubles of the outside world. He is the kind who loves his own company, can entertain himself for hours, and needs no one else. But the world just won’t stop invading his space, including the charming and beautiful Saira, who is determined to dig deeper into Karan’s life and help him step out. Karan is also constantly disturbed by a don's daughter Pinky, who uses Karan's house to hide a bubble-wrapped man. The irreverent and naughty JD does everything in his power every day to break Karan's house arrest and get him back out into the world. The film will be released exclusively on the service on 15th November 2019 to more than 158 million members around the world at the same time. 

Talking about the movie, Ali Fazal said, “It was a lovely ‘experience’ experiencing a Shashanka Ghosh-Samit Basu duo on this. Honestly, the idea of staying indoors is definitely daunting and haunting. But here's a man called Karan who seems to be getting this right. It's one of a kind but I wouldn't want to toot my own horn yet because I have been indoors on this one. Let's see what happens when it gets out.”

Building onto the excitement Jim Sarbh said "It was super fun shooting for House Arrest. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in this space before and I’m excited for the audience to catch the four of us in our element. I can't wait for everyone to watch JD."

Shriya Pilgaonkar, who plays Saira, says, “We had a great time shooting for House Arrest. In this film, Karan is seen locking himself in the house for months and it’s quite challenging to live a life like that. I completely relate to my character Saira because in real life too, I would be curious about someone who lived like that. It’s fascinating and makes me want to try it as an experiment to understand myself better.”

Barkha Singh added, “It was a memorable experience working with the entire cast and crew of House Arrest. Pinky’s character is unique and I am glad I got the opportunity to play this part. It was something I have never done before, so the challenge was exciting. I am looking forward to the reaction that we will receive from the audience for this film.”.

House Arrest is co-directed by Samit Basu and Shashank Ghosh. The film is produced by Trilok Malhotra and KR Harish of India Stories Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

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