Delhi Green Show 2019: For a Greener Tomorrow

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Delhi has always reflected the characteristic image of being an overpopulated concrete jungle; although it has spellbinding beauty in the form of lots of gardens, parks and other green covers that provide refuge from the hustle-bustle of a busy city life. The history of Garden art in India dates back to the Mughal era when the construction of gardens was primarily focused on places of beauty or religious significance and to exert territorial control. Yet Indian landscape design depicted its complementary relationship with nature. Having beautiful landscapes with perfect manicured gardens, Delhi has a good mix of history, nature and a sense of peace in the serenity of gardens.

Typical examples of such garden architecture and landscape even today is visible such as the Ridge Forest, one of the prominent natural features, is Delhi's green lung. Areas like the Mughal Garden inside the President's House & Lutyen's Bungalow Zone, Central Vista and various historic gardens & precincts are also integral to the lives. The rows of green trees on the road side, well maintained green lawns and parks, and beautiful green natural surroundings give the capital the title "Green Delhi". Walls of elevated roads and metro corridors that are lined with creepers make for the best visual relief from the starkly geometric cityscape.

Pollution in Delhi and NCR region has been the blockage towards healthy living and clean environment. The rapid growth of Delhi has resulted in enormous pressure and significant increase in environmental pollution. Not just trees in the city are getting lost, but the peripheral cover is vanishing too. The tree shieldings are gone. The citizen groups, green bodies and environmentalists are battling against global warming and alarming levels of air pollution. Greenery along busy roads can cut air pollution caused by vehicular emissions.

Though being the most polluted metropolis, paradoxically, New Delhi is also the greenest city of India, as declared by the Ministry of Urban Development.

As per the trade sources Delhi has 8% forest cover (more or less covered with greenery), which at this instant has increased by 0.3% or 3.6 km2. As per CAG report, Delhi is short of 9 lakh trees. Around 21,048 plants have been planted and many of them are ornamental plants.  For redevelopment purpose, however, more than 4,648 trees have been cut in the city.

In the light of the ongoing efforts towards increasing green cover in the capital city by Govt. and allied bodies, Media Today Group with strong cooperation from iflora, State Nurserymen Welfare Association Delhi, All India Kitchen Garden Association is launching Delhi Green Show 2019, an International exhibition, networking meet & conference for Professional Landscape, nursery, Gardening products, equipment and outdoor living industry. Powered by 14th International Landscape & Gardening Expo, Delhi Green Show is a well thought-out initiative to promote greening of the city with a professional approach by involving Indian nurserymen, landscape architects, urban development authorities, contractors, green sector companies, stone artists and other stakeholders. The event will be held from 11th-13th October at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Janpath, New Delhi.

"We feel a public-private participation model is the need of the hour for the maintenance and growth of green industry and nursery trade in Delhi & NCR region," Mr. S. Jafar Naqvi, Chief Coordinator, iflora. Various agencies like MCD, DDA, NDMC, PWD, CPWD, Delhi Tourism and some of the bodies like RWAs & AIKGA are taking lot of care and interest to make the city greener.

"In the course of approaching towards the future and healthy living, there is an urgent need to rediscover the natural assets of the city and take strong measures to save them for posterity while creating ecologically sensitive living environments," said Naqvi.

"Highlighting role and significance of climatic conditions, population control measures, government rules & regulations in the revival of the environmental health of the bursting metropolis are all part desirable measures at present, while subject experts, nurserymen and Indian landscape professionals are trying hard to create a greener space to live which is Delhi's need of the hour," he added.

Let's join this green mission and make Delhi greener for our future generations.

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