Here are some reasons why Michael Scott is the Best Boss Ever!

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On the occasion of World Boss Day, how best to commemorate but celebrate the best boss on television ever – Michael Scott, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennslyvania. This well-intended (most times) narcissistic jerk, a complete idiot, an anti-feminist, racist, much more on that, happens to be a good boss after all. While he bores the hell out of everyone with his silly and painfully awkward, too frequent seminars and sessions in the conference room, he is after all a character you fall in love with. And yes, a great boss. On the day he is about to leave, Jim comes and says goodbye to Michael and says “Best Boss I have ever had”.

Here are some reasons why he very well deserves that ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug that he brought for himself!

Treats employees like Family
A common theme during his entire tenure as the Regional Manager is he is yearning for a family and a lot of friends. A lot! And to make that happen, he does everything he can do to fill the void and treats everyone like his family and best friends. Though he is unaware at times how hurtful and stupid his behavior gets, yet it is much appreciated the genuineness with which he goes forward with his actions! Like at the time when Michael makes an appearance at Pam’s first ever art exhibition, Michael, who is genuinely impressed, even goes ahead and offers to buy her painting she did of their office building which hangs on the wall next to her desk until the final episode! And yeah, how can we forget his awkward yet sweet comments at the paintings.

‘It’s about keeping the troops happy’
Since the very first episode, Michael makes it clear that it is all about keeping everyone happy. Encouraging the workforce and making the workplace enjoyable is probably the top most priority in Michael’s task list which thought doesn’t really exist, yet this is one thing he always makes efforts for.

He took this task so seriously that he even created committee to do just that — The Party Planning Committee (not to be confused with The Committee to Plan Parties, of course).
Also, like the time when in one of his stupid seminars in the conference room, Michael kisses the reluctant Oscar to prove equality on race and disability and sexual orientation, yet all the more serving the exact opposite of his intent. One can surely say that these attempts are extremely idiotic yet his intent was to bring the office together which is always appreciated. I guess this is why we love Michael Scott after all.

An excellent sales person
Though he is seen not really doing his job and also stalling people and mostly known for disturbing others, one must say that he was excellent at selling! He knows the paper industry well and did demonstrated the same when he left Dunder Mifflin and started his own paper company. Though ultimately unsuccessful, it showed Michael’s determination to succeed in a tough business environment. And finally this company was bought back by Dunder Mifflin and he got his old job back. Not at all bad for a renegade employee!

Made the workplace fun! Always!
Remember that day when Michael brings coffee and dancing and music to the office. This is the time when Jim and Pam had planned a secret trip which ended up getting canceled because the party was ‘too romantic’ to leave in the middle. Michael, the most unconventional boss in the world, with his strange yet effective leadership strategies, always attempted to make sure his people and the work environment is happy and fun!

He cared. And again, most times and for most of all the Dunder Mifflin employees
Michael loved the hell out of his office and everyone in it. He truly cared about his employees at a really deep level — maybe a little too deep, in regards to Ryan Howard, and maybe not quite enough, in regards to Toby Flenderson.... but still.

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