x-X-x: Return of Xander Cage: Official Hindi Trailer #2

x-X-x: Return of Xander Cage, Official Hindi Trailer #2

When the first trailer of x-X-x: Return of Xander Cage was launched everybody complaint about how little of Deepika Padukone they got to see in it. It appears the message was delivered. The makers have finally taken a note of it and have come up with an explosive second trailer which shows Deepika Padukone in a never seen before kickass avatar. You certainly don't want to miss it!

x-X-x: Return of Xander Cage is the third film in the x-X-x film series. The movie marks the return of Xander Cage (played by Vin Diesel) from a self-imposed exile. The daredevil must retrieve a dangerous weapon called Pandora's Box, a devise that is capable of controling every military satellite in the world, from the clutches of the enemy. But he must recruit his own team consisting of fellow daredevils while trying to deal with a deadly conspiracy at the highest echelons of the government machinery.

You better watch out for scenes that Deepika shares with Vin Diesel!

x-X-x: Return of Xander Cage (Official Hindi Trailer #2) 

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