Here is how actress Taapsee Pannu slammed politician Abu Azmi for his sexist remarks

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Taapsee Pannu, Pink Actress

Actress Taapsee Pannu who received applause from one and all for her brilliant performance in Shoojit Sircar's Pink, starring opposite Amitabh Bachchan, was one of many Bollywood celebrities to be infuriated by politician Abu Azmi's shamefully sexist remarks on the mass molestation that took place in Bengaluru on the New Year's Eve. 

Abu Azmi who has made a habit of passing irresponsible comments on women touched a new low when instead of condemning the abysmal incident, he ended up blaming the women's dressing for the incident. Azmi had asserted: "It was bound to happen. Women call nudity fashion. They were wearing short dresses." 

Taapsee Pannu obviously wasn't impressed by Azmi's misogynistic comment. So she decided to take him to task for his shamelessness. She was at her sarcastic best while slamming Azmi as obvious from the following tweet.

Of course, Taapsee was not alone. she was joined by several other celebrities. While Richa Chadha registered her anger by highlighting the prejudice against women, Farhan Akhtar emphasized upon the hypocritical mindset that endorses western dressing for men but expects the women to dress in a ethnic way. Varun Dhawan stressed the need to punish the molesters instead of finding faults in the way women dress. 

One hopes that mindsets as regressive as Abu Azmi's are done away with quickly before they try to drag the nation back to the Dark Ages. Gender equality is an an essential prerequisite for a progressive future.

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