This Spoof Video Of Dangal Will Make You Laugh Non-Stop

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Dangal Spoof, Shudh Desi Endings

We all are aware of the success of Dangal. It has gone on to break all the box-office records and is being hailed as the biggest film of Aamir Khan's career. Many states have also declared it tax free. Everybody who has seen the movie has praised it for its cinematic brilliance as well as for the powerful message that it delivers. That girls are every bit as capable as boys. As the character played by Aamir in the film realized it eventually. Mahavir was desperate for a son who can get a gold medal for India. In the process, he ended with four daughters.

Just when he had lost all his hope, he learnt that two his daughters have beaten up a boy twice their size in the neighborhood. It is then he realized that girls can be trained as wrestlers as well. His hopes of a gold medal certainly got revised. He stated the life long mission of training his daughters as wrestlers who can win gold for India. Of course it wasn't easy at all. He himself had to go through hell to put his young daughters to hell. He even had to arrange for a proper non vegetarian diet for his daughters against the wishes of his wife. And ultimately after years of efforts he succeeded in his mission as his daughters finally triumphed at the 2010 commonwealth Games.

Dangal Spoof, Shudh Desi Endings

These days everybody is talking about Dangal and rightly so. The internet is flooded with Dangal memes. But Shudh Desi Endings have gone one step further by releasing a full-fledged Dangal spoof video. It is currently trending on YouTube. It uses animation to convey a very different story of Dangal. We learn that it wasn't actually Mahavir's longing for a gold medal but Aamir's longing for an Oscar which made him sire four daughters. The fight here is not for Wrestling glory but for the theatrical excellence. Thus begins the acting training of the two elder daughters. What ensues will make you laugh non-stop. Are you ready for the fun?

Dangal Spoof, Shudh Desi Endings

Watch the full spoof video here:

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