Hell or High Water (2016): Movie Review


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Hell or High Water, Chris Pine, Ben Foster

Hell or High Water is a movie which can be easily overlooked by many because of its genre and lack of hoopla associated with it. Missing this movie will only be a mistake if you are fond of quality cinema. Hell or High Water is a gripping crime drama strong enough to keep the audience satisfied. This is a movie which will make you realize the importance of a diminishing art, dialogues, etc. Flavorful conversations between the characters are burly enough to keep you hooked throughout the movie and play an important role in leading the story.

The movie is perfectly paced and even with the scenes depicting complete silence you can actually listen to the narrative that the movie is trying to reflect. This is a story of two brothers who embark on the path of crime to get out of the troubles looming over them and their family while being chased by a grumpy old school Texas Ranger & his Native American partner. The 90 seconds cameo of the waitress is also a delightful addition which is bound to make you chuckle.

The movie gives you a peek at beautiful imagery by making use of warm color palette and clever camera angles to enhance it further. The sumptuous shots of the towns and efficient use of photography capturing landscapes work at bringing out the concept of old and new together, thereby displaying Texas as both an enriched and a gloomy sketch. Director David McKenzie has used odd juxtapositions to highlight the fundamental theme of this movie, brilliantly merging the old with the new.

Hell or High Water, Chris Pine

This movie is constructed by strong and dynamic performances from Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster. Jeff Bridges will probably go on to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Texas Ranger Hamilton but it is the thrilling performance of Ben Foster that enriches the plot. Foster is brilliant in this movie and in my personal opinion he should be the one getting accolades for this movie over Jeff Bridges but he most probably wouldn’t be considered. Chris Pine has given his career's best performance in this movie and has portrayed his part beautifully. 

If the Academy decides to go with 10 movies for Best Picture then this will be that tenth movie on the list. Hell or High Water has a very strong chance for at least 3 Academy nods viz. Best Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay and Editing. Not being a big fan of music, I found the music of this movie pretty interesting too. It puts you in the cowboy mode and adds to the cool western feel. Hell or High Water is an intense and thoughtful drama set at a steady pace and yet being able to create significant amount of tension and interest. This is a movie worth your time!

Hell or High Water, Jeff Bridges

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  1. This movie is extremely well crafted, entertaining, thought provoking, human, with plenty of rich multi level imagery and momentum.

    Alex and Linda

  2. This is a very well written movie & similar honest review.

  3. Subtle, brilliant.


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