Pune International Film Festival '16 - Day 2 Updates

Day 2 at PIFF 2016 - Key Pointers

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

·         Shyam Benegal

During a Press Conference organized at Smita Patil Pavillion in the 14th PIFF, noted film maker Shyam Benegal elaborated following points.
Ø  Censor board has been established to certify films and not to cut them. The new committee will now word towards this objective and shall not bar creativity from films. The committee will in fact consider the mindset of Indian society, their education, culture, diversity. The censor board has an important job as cinema is very influential medium.
Ø  One should not mess around with history. Historical personalities, incidences, literature are our national heritage. Historical references must be used rightly and logically nor should they be exaggerated.

Pune International Film Festival '16 - Day 2 Updates

·         Uttam Singh

During a Press Conference organized at Smita Patil Pavillion in the 14th PIFF, renowned music composer Uttam Singh elaborated following points.

Ø  Since his childhood he had been very close to music. He had an opportunity to learn different forms of music and many instruments from veteran musicians.
Ø  Each music composer like Naushad, O. P. Naiyyer, S. D. Burman, Madan Mohan was an institute himself. That was the golden era of Indian Cinema and its music. They used to compose beautiful songs within few hours with just 1 mike. They used to be very meticulous about their music and instruments. This sincerity is missing now.
Ø  Singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Kishor Kumar, and Mohammad Rafi were the vocal instruments. They always delivered their best to the composers. Today technology has taken over us. The beauty of recording a song has now been lost. There is no soul in the music now, its mere sound. I fear this will kill our individual creativity one day.
Ø  The Sufi music which is very popular these days, is not a music at all, it’s a Sufi Brand. The original Sufi music is very soft, it touches one’s heart. 
While speaking at the program titled as ‘Marathi Cinema in Future’ at Smita Patil Pavilion noted film makers like Mahesh Manjrekar and Umesh Kulkarni expressed their views.

Pune International Film Festival '16 - Day 2 Updates

·         Mahesh Manjrekar

Ø  The financial aid given by government to Marathi films should be banned now and moreover we must stop unwanted film producers from coming in the film industry.
Ø  We should be thankful that at least cinemas are getting noticed due to such Film Festivals otherwise many cinemas go unnoticed.

Pune International Film Festival '16 - Day 2 Updates

·         Umesh Kulkarni

Ø  You must express yourself in your mother tongue. Being global does not mean producing English movies.
Ø  One should not make cinema for the audience nor should he make it based on the current market trends. I have always tried to make a cinema with what I had in my heart and minds.

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