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Pune, January 21st: On the concluding day of the 14th edition of Pune International Film Festival, the international jury members had an open interaction with Punekars. This event was organized at Smita Patil Pavilion located at City Pride Kothrud in the city. This open session was hosted by Dr. Jabbar Patel, Chairman, PIFF.

The jury members include Govind Nihalani (Film director/ cinematographer from India), Nenad Dukic (Flim critic from Serbia), Nils Malmros (Director from Denmark), Malaya Goswami (an Actress from India), Pablo Cesar (Director from Argentina), Fabrizio Ferrari (Director from Italy), Daniel Rain (Director from USA) and Reza Dormishian (Fim Director from Iran).

While all the jury members appreciated Pune International Film Festival for the efforts this festival is taking to promote not only films but also other industries related to it. The jury was really impressed with the variety and quality of Indian Cinema and were very thankful for being a part of this festival.”

Govind Nihlani said, “I am really happy that PIFF has gone a step ahead with the concept of PIFF Bazaar this year. This initiative will definitely help to promote the films and market them in a better way.”

Speaking on the occasion, Pablo said, “Indian film makers must unite and request the government of India to create a special law for independent cinema. You must stay strong and create a new industry in India to create good quality independent films. “
While Malaya Goswami mentioned that more regional cinema especially films from North East India must be promoted in Indian Film Festivals. This will not only inspire the film makers but will also create an opportunity to see a different segment of films for an audience.”

Nenad Dukic was happy to see variety of Marathi Cinemas during this festival. He appreciated the diversity Marathi films had in their subjects, approaches, styles of film making, content. While commenting on the changing technology, he mentioned that all of us are witnessing the fast change in technology on daily basis however it has not changed cinema as such. In fact technology has helped us. Now it has become very easy to produce films.

While Govind Nihlani was of an opinion that technology has changed the grammar, economy and content of the film. The moment film watching device changes, it changes along everything with it including its audience. However it is an exciting change and I am sure everyone will enjoy this phase.

Reza said, a film is basically the world of director and when you are watching it you are seeing his world with his perspective through his eyes. Cinema and TV are two different mediums and each has its own way to convey things to its audience. 

Fabrizio suggested using this film festival as a platform for the better exchange of ideas, film making styles. He also mentioned that now onwards he would like to include more Indian cinemas in other world film festivals.

Daniel advised to include more documentary films in this festival. He also recommended having more films in documentary section of the film festival.

Nils was really happy to watch variety of film from different sections. He felt like seating in an emotional roller coaster while watching films, continuously swinging on different emotions with every film.

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