7 Great Blogs Focussing on World Cinema

Seven film blogs every movie-buff needs to check out

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In this article we will be throwing spotlight on 7 great blogs focussing on world cinema that we feel every movie-buff should include in his/her reading list. Each one of them is loaded with high quality content dealing with films and related stuff that is enough to keep one hooked for days, perhaps even months. Each and every entry in the list has something remarkable unique about it that completely differentiates it from the rest. But, the one thing that unites each one of these blogs is the dedication to offer to their eclectic readers the absolute best in world cinema.

1). Movies that make you think


'Movies that make you think' is a selection of intelligent cinema from around the world that entertains and provokes a mature viewer to reflect on what the viewer saw, long after the film ends. Jugu Abraham, the sole author of the blog, is an Indian who has worked with UN-sponsored international organizations for over 20 years, specializing in resource mobilization for international non-profit agricultural research. From 1978 to 1985, he was a film critic with the Hindustan Times group of publications, New Delhi, India, and continues to write from time to time on good quality international cinema. He considers himself to be fortunate to have met and interviewed some of the stalwarts of cinema, dance and drama from diverse parts of the world. The blog serves a great repository of some of the rarest gems from the world of cinema--Eisenstein to Bergman to Olmi to Malick to Sorrentino.

2)The Film Sufi


'The Film Sufi' is devoted to reviews and analysis of high-quality films from around the world, with a particular focus on films from Iran and other parts of Asia. Within the compass of analysis there is special interest in expressionism and narrative structure. The author is an academic who, for the time being, prefers to remain anonymous. The site is a real heaven for art house lovers. 

3). Passion for Movies


'Passion for Movies' is another great blog for lovers of international cinema. Arun, the sole author of the blog, is one of the most prolific movie bloggers on the circuit. His film reviews are like epic commentaries that are a treat for the masses as well as aficionados. Be it German Expressionism, Italian Neo Realism, French New Wave, or contemporary cinema, this eclectic blog has all the bases covered.

4). Scribblings of a Cinema-obsessed Mind


'Scribblings of a Cinema-obsessed Mind' is a treasure-house for lovers of unconventional films. Aditya, the sole author of the blog, has a penchant for digging up esoteric cinematic gems. The detailed movie analysis of lesser known films is another unique facet of this blog. This site is simply a haven for cinema-obsessed minds.

5). High on Films


'High on Films' is a multi-authored website, founded by 4 guys--Nafees, Amritt, Deloret, Shikhar--who love cinema and believe in its power. From Reviews, Movie Articles, Film Lists to anything remotely associated with movies, High on Films covers it all. High on Films, or HOF as they call it, aims to become one of the most prominent sources on Internet to discover lesser known and almost unknown great movies. In their Monthly recommendation post, the 4 HOFmen come together and make people aware about 10 good to great piece of cinema. They actually believe that cinema has the power to make viewers ecstatic in a very positive way, and thus named their blog as High in Films.

6). Projected Perspectives

Projected Perspectives

'Projected Perspectives' is rich source of good and overlooked films as well as filmmakers. While the focus is essentially global, the blog is particularly devoted to the classic American cinema. The author, Sachin Shrijith, likes to describe himself as a film geek, online film critic, Computer Science student and an aspiring filmmaker. He is also a book and photography enthusiast.

7). The Movie Waffler


'The Movie Waffler' is a daily source of reviews, interviews, trailers, posters and features. The blog treats all movies equally: blockbusters, indies or arthouse. The blog's editor Eric Hillis is a freelance critic from Dublin, Ireland who is at his happiest when watching a good movie in a darkened cinema, which is where you'll find him most mornings.

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your feedback is highly appreciated!  

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  1. Thank you Potpourri of Vestiges for including my blog among these esteemed movie blogs. It is a huge morale boost. I might now try to write a little better.

  2. Thats a ready list for so many of us cinema lovers :) Thanks!


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