PIFF 2016 - Day 6

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

During various Press Conferences held at Smita Patil Pavilion at City Pride, Kothrud during the 14th Pune International Film Festival, following points were discussed by different film representatives.

·        Film – Landscape With Many Moons

-          The director of this film, Jaan Toomik was present for this Press Conference.
-          The film is based on a middle aged man who is living seemingly ordinary life with his wife and children. Their relationship has reached a dead end but they prefer to illusory decorations of living together.
-          It portrays the explosive state right before going mad, however the film is not depressing and surprising transitions offer comic recognition.
-          This is the first long feature film directed by Jaan and he did not think about any commercial success for this film. He was supported by various film foundations and other government organizations to produce this film.
-          He mentioned that he has blended reality and dreams to make this film. I am a born artist and my artistic background helped me to make this film. Thus I also used various forms of visualization for this cinema.
-          The placement of characters is very interesting in this film. They emerge very deeply out of this movie.

·        Film – Enclave

-          The director of this film, Goran Radovanovic for this Press Conference.
-          This film revolves around ten year old Christian boy from Serbian enclave who is determined to create a proper community burial for his late grandfather.
-          Goran made this film after experiencing the foreign powers on Serbia when the country was destroyed in civil war.
-          I am an experimental film maker and I like to use parallel structure of film making.
-          Landscape was an important part of film and they were deliberately chosen beautiful.
-          Having 4 children in the film, made it very challenging for shooting and no planning, controlling, execution did not help.
-          I was very fortunate to have one of the best editors for my film. We respected each other’s creativity and supported each other very effectively.
-          Our country is very small, it’s not very easy to produce films there. But somehow this film opened many doors for me.
-          Goran also mentioned that for me India feels like a fairytale. I found this people, culture very beautiful. I loved Pune more than Goa, he confessed.

·        Film – Immortal

-          The director of this film, Sayed Hadi Mohaghegh for this Press Conference.
-          This film delivers to the audience the pain of being human through a boy whose life is insufferable and thus the film shows his constant attempts at suicide which slowly destroys him.
-          Sayad chose to be film maker at an early stage of his life. He always wanted to show what he learnt out of his life, what he had experienced so far and how he felt about it.
-          Producing films in Iran is not an easy task. Government doesn’t support you. It’s very difficult to find producer, sponsors and so I had to do everything on my own.
-          I shot this movie in just 4 days. I had no time to practice.
-          I believe that your intentions are good, good things will happen to you.
-          This film has very beautiful texture and brings out the sadness of this cinema very effectively.
-          Acting was the most difficult task. I had an old man who must look very sad and I did my best to make him sad. He didn’t even let him have a piece of pizza throughout the shooting as I thought it would make him happy and then he won’t be able to act sad.
-          He also mentioned that I loved Indians. They are very simple, kind, always happy to help and according to me they are really good.
·        Film – Lens

-          The director of this film, Jayprakash Radhakrishnan for this Press Conference.
-          70% story is about skype interaction between 2 people from different backgrounds. These characters switch between languages as we do in real life.
-          These characters take voyeurism to the next level, when one character asks another to watch her commit suicide.
-          Jayprakash liked acting since his school days. He comes from a software background.
-          He decided to join an acting school in Seattle since life was very monotonous and he didn’t want to die making codes.
-          However he realized that having an idea and converting it into a film is not an easy task. You need lot of training, experience and technique.
-          Acting and directing at the same time was very difficult for me but my Director of photography helped me a lot through this movie.
-          It took me 2 years to write this movie, my engineering background helped me a lot through this movie.
-          The name of this movie is very symbolic. It is like your third eye and what you see through it. It is your desire to see something.

·        Film – Rangaa Patangaa

-          The director of this film Prasad Namjoshi, Amol Gole – Producer and Cinematographer, Sagar Wanjari – Editor and Abhay Mahajan – Actor of this film were present for this Press Conference.
-          It’s a simple tale of companionship of a farmer with his wife, cattle and a fellow farmer. The film talks about a farmer’s struggle.
-          Prasad said that a simple story like this can actually bring out the real issues that are faced by the farmers.
-          At the same time involving media and politicians was a necessity of this story.
-          To make this film realistic we shot it in Vidarbha.

·        Film – Anurag

-          Dr. Ambarish Darakh – Director and Producer, Suresh Deshmane - Cinematographer and Mrinmayee Deshpande – Actress of this film were present on this occasion.
-          This is a poetic film of midlife crisis, where a couple is desperately trying to repaint and revive their picture of love on the verge of decay.
-          Dr. Ambarsh Darakh said, by profession I am a doctor but I always wanted to make a film and become a director.
-          This movie had no bound script. I decided not to have it deliberately. But I had all the visuals in my mind. I have been to Leh – Ladakh many a times so I knew the location very well which helped me to visualize every frame.
-          I come across many people on daily basis due to my profession. I observe them. And midlife crisis is common amongst all.
-          So I wanted to show what exactly is a midlife crisis? Every couple hits it. It universal. But I didn’t want it to be dramatic.
-          This cinema has three characters – a male, a male female and Leh – Ladakh. This location was decided for a particular reason. I feel it represented the relationship. It is so beautiful yet so uncertain. Something which is so breathtaking at one moment can be really brutal at next moment.
-          Suresh Deshmane mentioned that this is the very first Marathi movie which is shot in Leh Ladakh at 18,000feet. Shooting at such a high altitude was a challenging job. But we could do it with a team of about 18 people. It was a life time experiment. We had to use humidity censor cameras.
-          Mrinmayee said that I accepted this film because I love uncertainty that it had. I also love to experiment and this film presented a perfect opportunity for another experiment.

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