PIFF 2016 - Day 4

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

During various Press Conferences held at Smita Patil Pavilion of 14th Pune International Film Festival, following points were discussed by different film representatives.

Film Absolution

- Petri Kotwica – Director & Screenplay Writer, Absolution

- This is a film based on 3 characters that are interlinked with each other due to a road accident.

- It’s based on a true story. It occurred to me when I met with an accident and later thought what would have happened if I would had caused a tragedy to someone.

- This movie is combination of reality and creativity.

- I wrote this film from 3 different perspectives and then directed the same; however it was more difficult to write this screenplay than to direct it.

- I am basically a drama maker who loves to have suspense and I take a long time to write as I work on a single story for years.

Film Paratu

- Nitin Adsul – Director and Producer, Sachin Adsul – Producer, Sanjay Khanzode – Cinematographer, Shashank Powar – Music Director, Girisj Kolapkar – Art Director, Manasi Deoray – Production Support

- Manufactured by Hollywood based ‘East-West’ company, this movie was very well appreciated by American audience as well.

- Nitin mentioned that this is an emotional journey which is based on true story, so it’s authentic however it is out of box story. It is about a farmer who is on a special mission.

- Marathi cinema has a potential to compete with world cinema. We should combine Indian talent with western technology to create good movies.

- Sanjay mentioned that we have tried our best to use maximum natural light for this cinema and so about 60% of the cinema has been shot in natural light.

- Shashank mentioned that this movie was more of a Indo American project. The director gave enough space for my creativity.

Film Kaul

- Adish Keruskar – director, Chintoo singh – Producer, Amey Chavhan – Cinematographer, Rohit Kokate – Lead Actor, Vishal Kadam – Assistant Cinematographer

- This movie is about a school teacher from a small village who is on a mystical journey with an old man.

- Though the film showcases extra ordinary supernatural event, it does not talk about any superstition or fallacy.

Film Ringan

- Makarand Mane – Writer and Director, Sanjay Dawra – Producer, Abhijeet Abde – Cinematographer, Suchitra Sathe – Editor, Abhay Mahajan – Actor, Mahaveer Sabavan – Sound Designer

- The film is based on a relationship between father and a son. It’s a heart wrenching story which depicts the harsh reality confronting the farmers and their families several years.

- It shows that life indeed is difficult and full of suffering, but it sure comes to a full circle.
- The thought that compelled me to make this movie was - one can always give a last try before losing all hope and giving up.

- The film was made as an experiment but it was welcomed everywhere and gave us a sense of accomplishment.

Film Silence

- Nagraj Manjule – Actor, Anjali Patil – Actress, Ashwini Sidwani – Producer & Co-screenplay writer, Arpan Bhukhanwala – Producer, Vedashri Mahajan – Actress, Gajendra Ahire – Director

- This cinema is based on a true story which revolves around a little girl growing up in poverty with her father in a rural area.

- Nagraj mentioned that I loved this character and the movie also gave a social message, so I instantly agreed to act in this cinema.

- Gajendra said that, the cast was superb, they were all very natural and so none had to actually act, they truly lived the characters which they were playing.

- Anjali mentioned that we decided to make this film into Marathi because we thought that Marathi audience is ready to watch and digest such social issues better than any other audience.

- Arpan said we are trying to reach as many people as possible through film festivals across the globe and we are happy that people are also loving this movie and a positive impact is being created through this movie.

Readers, please feel free to share your views/opinions in the comment box below. As always your insightful comments are highly appreciated!

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