PIFF 2016 - Day 7

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

During various Press Conferences held at Smita Patil Pavilion at City Pride, Kothrud during the 14th Pune International Film Festival, following points were discussed by different film representatives.

·        Film – Bopem

-          The head of shooting of this film, Akyva Kalykova was present for this Press Conference.
-          Bopem meaning a lullaby is a film based on 14 year old boy who misses his mother a lot after her death. Now he has just 3 months to live and wants to punish people responsible for her death.
-          Akyva has enacted the role of a drunkard person who is also father of this boy. He said that enacting this role was very difficult as he pitied the boy so much and was very emotional but had express rather opposite than what he felt.
-          Zhanna Issabayeva, a mother of 2 children directed and produced this movie. Having a woman director for this film actually helped us since she could bring out the story really well. One can easily see that motherly affection in this story.
-          The basic idea behind this movie was a social message that children must be protected at all times.
-          The film also showcases the drought affected landscapes of Kazakhstan which has been a conscious decision.
-          After we became independent, we started making films with our independent conscious. We call it as ‘New Wave’ of movies.
-          Now we are heading to good times, situation is changing in our country however that doesn’t mean that we should forget the past.

·        Film – Tithi

-          The Director of this film, Ram Reddy was present for this Press Conference.
-          This film intertwines 3 storylines in a realistic way. It’s an emotional film which showcases 3 generations and their particular characteristics in a subtle way.
-          I casted the lead character when I was writing the screenplay. Other characters were selected based on magnetism they had when we met them.
-          This is a very light hearted, comedy, warm film. It offers subtle humor and makes it very entertaining. The quantum of laughter has been balanced throughout the movie.
-          I believe that this movie is macro structured, macro detailed,, carefully balanced and rightly timed.
-          This movie has been appreciated very well across the globe.
-          I watch Western European, Iranian and other world movies. I get influenced by them however I have taken good out of all and tried to create my own unique style of film making.

·        Film – Naanu Avanalla… Avalu

-          The actor of this film, Kunal Punekar was present for this Press Conference.
-          This film narrates the story of a rural boy who believes that he is a trapped in a body of a man. Despite innumerable obstacles placed in his way by family and society, he leaves his home in a bid to change his gender.
-          The film traces his journey as he becomes ‘Vidya’ who then has to discover her own identity and fight against all odds to lead a dignified life.
-          It was initially very difficult for Kunal to understand Kannada. He did not know Kannada and had to join a class to learn it. Pronunciation and accent of Kannada words was the toughest job out of all.
-          However after doing this film I was confident that I could enact such difficult characters even in other languages.
-          This movie actually made me realize that what does it mean being a transgender and what kind of life, they live and what they need to face in their daily lives.

·        Film – Premkahani

-          Satish Ranadive – Director, Kajal Sharma – actress, Kishori Shahane – actress, Praveen Kunwar – Music Director, Lalchand Sharma – Producer were present for this Press Conference.
-          As the title suggests, this is a romantic saga about two lovers from Maharashtra and Rajasthan. It’s basically a suspense thriller which is based on reincarnation.
-          We hope that this film will be appreciated by Marathi as well as non Marathi viewers as it has dialogues in Marathi as well as Hindi.
·        Film – Halal

-          Shivaji Lotan-Patil  – Director, Pritam Kagane – Actress, Rajan Khan – Story, Amol Kagane – Producer were present for this Press Conference.
-          The story revolves around Muslim divorcee lady who belongs to a poor family.
-          One sudden day her husband comes back to her but the Muslim law says the lady has to marry another man and gets divorce from him before remarrying to her 1st husband.
-          Shivaji mentioned that the film raises a social issue faced by Muslim Divorcee ladies however it is not about Muslim religion or it doesn’t aim to upset the believers of this religion in any ways.
-          We have changed the end of this movie with due permission of Rajan Khan who wrote this story as we wanted to bring this to audience through a medium of cinema.

·        Film – Ganavesh

-          Atul Jagadale – Director, Rajesh Kulkarni -  Associate Producer, Shailendra Gade – Co Producer were present for this Press Conference.
-          This film revolves around a couple working at a brick manufacturing unit and somehow manages to run their house. The problem starts when their school goig kid has been asked to present in uniform on a cultural program organized for Independence Day at the school. Not able to afford a school uniform for the child, the couple works harder to buy the uniform so that they can meet the requirement of school authorities.
-          While commenting on the importance on school uniform Atul has successfully managed to subtly showcase the contemplation and notion behind it.

·        Film – Bho Bho

-          Bharat Gaikwad – Director and Producer, Bhuvan Ajmera – Co Producer were present for this Press Conference.
-          It is a story of a pet dog who is accused of having attacked and killed his master and is to be put to sleep.
-          It is also about a man called as Bhonde who takes dog’s side and explains their aspect of the story through a monologue.
-          We had to face many problems since the story revolves around dog.
-          Renowned theatre comedian Prashant Damle is returning to cinema with this movie after a long gap of 17 years.

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