Vishal Mishra's ‘Marudhar Express’: First Look Out

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After directing two controversial films, ‘Coffee With D’ and ‘Hotel Milan’, Vishal Mishra is now all set to bring a small-town love story, ‘Marudhar Express’ to the big screen. The makers of the film have released two posters of the film, which beautifully capture the sweet romantic moments between the lead pair in a small-town setting of Kanpur.

The film has an eccentric proposition, it’s a story about an arranged marriage couple who comes under the pressure of childbirth right after they are wedded. 'Marudhar Express’ is loaded with humor, emotions and the reality of certain struggles faced after marriage.

Earlier titled ‘Hum Dono Honge Kaamyaab’, the film beautifully captures the emotional yet hilarious journey of love and life after marriage, also raising integral questions that are relevant today. Kunaal Roy Kapur plays an innocent man who doesn’t play along with wits. Whereas, Tara Alisha Berry plays a smart and ambitious girl who wants to make a name for herself and break through the stereotypes that exist in a small town. Critically acclaimed actor, Rajesh Sharma plays the father of the male protagonist and is a never-seen-before quirky character.

Talking about the film, director Vishal Mishra said, “The intention has been to make a sweet family entertainer that can connect with the masses, yet raise vital questions relevant to the current era. I am a huge fan of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and his slice-of-life films. This film is truly inspired by his style of filmmaking. A fair share of the credit also goes to our producer Raj Kushwaha for his unconditional support.”

Despite of the film being shot amidst de-monetization, the makers have successfully managed to complete the film. Raj Kushwaha is the chairman of Axis Colleges in Kanpur, also the first-time producer of the film, said, “It has been a wonderful experience to work with Vishal in my first production venture. ‘Marudhar Express’ is very true to its genre of being a neat, clean family entertainer. Above all, it has been a passionate execution from all of us and that, more than anything, will resonate with the audience.”

Produced by Raj Kushwaha, co-produced by Pramod Gore and directed by Vishal Mishra, Marudhar Express is slated to release on 26th October 2018. The music of the film will be released under the Zee Music Company label.

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