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A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

Dash buttons are exclusively an option that is available for prime members. They are physical buttons and they serve as a quick option to order your favorite products that have been previously been ordered and saved for delivery at other times too. It can be used for the amazon mobile app as well as the website. It records your loved preferences with the press of a button and helps save time the next time you order.

They are basically a shortcut to shop for your favorite products. Get this Dash button using Amazon India coupons and get additional discounts and deals.

Features of the button: 

Always Accessible

Dash Buttons can be easily found and accessed from your Amazon home page, or at Your Dash Buttons. They can be sorted according to preferences such a “brand”, “relevance”, etc. New buttons can be added and the old ones can be deleted in simple steps.

If you consistently purchase a particular product on Amazon, it will create a dash button for that order automatically. 

Fast and Easy Ordering

Dash button is a convenient option that saves a lot of time. Just press the button that has the option of ‘buy’ to order. All orders ship free via Prime. You can always cancel an order within 30 minutes if you make a mistake.

There are millions of products on amazon that one can choose from. Then how will this dash button work? These are virtual as well as physical buttons called dash device, that are available for all the millions of products that amazon Prime ships. They do not involve any cost to be created and hence, one can have as many dash buttons as one wants.

Dash button using Alexa

You can also say, “Alexa, show my Dash Buttons” on the Echo Show to see all of your Dash Buttons. Learn more about Dash Buttons on Echo Show.

You can also purchase a Dash Button device to keep in your home. It gets enabled when connected to the Wi-Fi. This way you can instantly order your most used products at the press of a button on your wall or anywhere around the use. With Dash, you will never run out of your requirements.

How do I add new Dash Buttons? 

To add a new Dash Button

Search for the product you want and check if it ships with prime. You can check prime shipping by visiting the product page.

Click "Add to your Dash Buttons" which is an option available under “Add to cart”

If the chosen product does not qualify for free Prime shipping,  a Dash button cannot be made for it as it is a prime specific benefit. 

How do I delete a Dash Button? 

To delete a button,click “Delete your Dash Button.” after selecting the brand or logo of the product that you want to delete from the website or mobile application.

On the mobile app, simply swiping left on a dash button will get it deleted. However, you can undo this action if the button gets left swiped by mistake and a button that you want gets deleted accidentally.

How do Dash Buttons work? 

Dash buttons are for specific orders and products that have been chosen for that particular button. This will help you place a repetitive order very quickly with a simple press of the button. These buttons are identified with the brand logo or product name with brand specified on the button itself.

If there are multiple products of the same brand then a label of product name will be automatically added to the button by amazon for easy and correct identification. Upon clicking on the brand logo, the product details such as it’s price will be prompted on the screen.

Also, an option to add a label or delete the button will be present. These buttons have a feature of fast and free shipping as it is part of a prime benefit.

Where can I find my Dash Buttons? 

You can get to your Dash Buttons from the Accounts & Lists menu on the Amazon website or through the navigation menu on the Amazon mobile app. 

How are these Dash Buttons related to Dash Button devices? 

Dash Button devices are the physical form of Dash buttons.They are connected to Wi-Fi and can be stuck anywhere around in your home or workplace.

When you register a Dash Button device,a virtual dash button will be created automatically in no time for the same chosen product in your amazon account ; both on the website and mobile app. 

It is an amazing initiative to capture market in a very creative manner. You can also get these dash buttons at affordable prices with Amazon Coupons as Amazon is constantly devising new ways to keep the Prime members happy with new benefits being created for them form time to time!

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!  

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