Human trafficking based film 'Pakhi' touching millions of hearts

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The upcoming drama thriller, Pakhi, is creating a positive impact among millions of hearts. Star cast of the film Sachin Gupta, Anamika Shukla, Sumeet Kant Kaul and Anmol Goswami were present in PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, Delhi for promotions and media interactions to boost up the hype of their forthcoming film. The film is directed and produced by the national award winning writer-director Sachin Gupta.

The film is based on true events. Talking to media, Sachin Gupta said, “The story revolves around a 10 years old girl who is forced to marry a 60 years old man. Basically, our team has done a lot of research about human trafficking and other related social issues. Initially it was really difficult because it is based on child trafficking and small children are given hormonal injections forcefully. He added, “This issue really touched my heart. Our team visited to Mumbai, UP and Delhi to research about victims of human trafficking. We really felt shocked after listening to their experience and we came to know that small girls are forcefully injected with hormonal injections which are damaging their health”.

Actress Anamika Shukla is playing the role of Pakhi in this film. About her role and experience she said, “It was very interesting journey as an actor. It’s a challenging role; I am playing the role of the victim in the film. It’s a very painful and emotional character. I am getting tortured in this film so to portray this emotion and pain it was really a challenge for me. Sachin sir really helped me a lot. I am working with him since many years”.

Featured under the banner of Chilsag Entertainment Network, the film was shot in Delhi and is releasing on 10th August. 

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