6 Tips on Writing a Movie Analysis Essay

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Being asked to write a movie analysis essay for a class at the university is one of the best assignments one can have. Besides getting to watch a movie that most likely relates to a topic in class, you get to interpret it in endless ways that allow you to let your creativity go unrestrictedly since there are no right or wrong answers. The following list will describe various things you can do to increase your potential at achieving an awesome grade in your movie analysis essay.

Watch the Movie

This piece of advice may seem silly to even consider. But it is very often the case that instead of watching the movie, students look up a summary of it online and do write their analysis from there. Lecturers are used to students doing this to save time, so they will be able to tell almost instantly if what you’re writing is a genuine opinion of the movie or not.
Watch it Several Times

It is often the case that you’ll either forget many of the details in the movie or not understand the plot the first time you watch it. The first time you watch it try to not take any notes. This will serve you to let go of your imagination and even enjoy it. On the other hand, don’t stay completely passive while you’re watching it. Take into account your first impression of the movie, how it made you feel, or any other thoughts that crossed your mind.

During the second time you watch it, pay extra attention to camera angles, lighting, themes, characterization and any other details that you may have missed the first time around. To make it an even better and more pleasurable experience, try watching it with more of your classmates or peers. You may find it interesting to discuss it together than by yourself.
Include a Thesis Statement

In your introduction, make sure to write a thesis statement. A thesis statement is something that will explain the reasons behind the points you will touch throughout your analysis. It will give the reader an idea of what to expect, and a preview of where this analysis will lead to. In the main body of your paper, remember to link your arguments back to your thesis statements constantly to create a sense of fluidity and support.

When writing your analysis, it is very important to consider the time period that the movie takes place in. Your analysis will be a lot deeper and thorough if you link political and historical events, social movements or economic situations at the time to the movie itself. Not only will the reader be impressed, but the context of the movie will let you have a much larger understanding of the film altogether.

It would also be useful to take into account the background of the film director, producer or writer. By learning their styles, preferences and even little history about their lives may be very helpful in analyzing the movie from different perspectives and points of view. This will add a lot of depth to your essay and will let you earn extra points!
Distinguish Correctly Between Summaries, Analysis and Critical Reviews!

Be careful of writing a summary of the film instead of analyzing it. May students are guilty of making this mistake; costing them a lot of valuable points. Of course, it is a good idea to include a short paragraph at the beginning of the paper explaining the plot or a brief description of the movie, but keep it short. Divide the main body of the text into three or four points of analysis you wish to cover; any more and your essay will lack depth and development.

If what you’re being asked to do is a film analysis, be careful not to compare and contrast it with other movies, or with the work of other film producers. Otherwise, your paper would turn into a critical review, rather than what you were asked to do. In your conclusion, it is not advisable to provide suggestions for improvement in the film. Remember that you are simply analyzing it, not critiquing it.
Be Creative!

Lastly, don’t be shy about arguing whatever you think is relevant or interesting. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers; it’s all about how you write your own custom analysis paper from scratch. As long as your argument is relevant and supported, your film analysis could take you just about anywhere and actually result in being a fun exercise to do. The more original and unique your ideas are, the most likely you are to keep the reader interested and earn extra points. Just make sure your arguments are backed up correctly with quotes from the movie, research on the context, etc.

Analyzing a movie for a university assignment can be as interesting as you make it. Have fun with it while remembering to take all the necessary care and precautions to make your arguments and statements as clear, well-constructed and supported as possible.

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!

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