"Half Ticket 2" Review: An ode to the journey called life

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

Half Ticket 2, Review, Ultra Shorts, Gunjan Malhotra, Naveen Kasturia

There is no denying that web is where the most happening things are taking place these days. It is not just a haven for experimental stuff but it is also a great place for conventional genre exercises, of course with a few twists here and there. While the content on television remains rather repetitive and regressive and cinema mostly continues to be larger than life, it is web that has become the hub of realistic content that closely captures the modern-day dynamics, whether it’s platonic friendships or romantic relationships. In other words, content on web at large is not only refreshing but also relatable and perhaps that’s why more and more people are looking at the web for their daily dose of entertainment.

Today while the web giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime are busy taking the fight to the major Hollywood studios, the independent filmmakers too are vying to tap the medium’s full potential. YouTube has allowed young and innovative minds to come forward and challenge the monopoly and change the world of entertainment forever. Some of the best examples that come to mind are All India Bakchod (AIB), The Viral Fever (TVF), and Large Short Films. But, on the flip side, this has led to an overload of content. There are so many options to choose from that we often miss out on some of the best content. As someone who takes a keen interest in the web, I often come across some very interesting content. Around the same time last year I had come across a very interesting short film by Ultra Shorts called “Half Ticket”, directed by Prathmesh Patil.  A fun-filled story about two strangers, Ayaan (essayed by Naveen Kasturia) and Rhea (essayed by Gunjan Malhotra), who end up as lovers, Half Ticket proved to be nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Its success can be gauged from the fact that it has garnered over 1.75 million views on YouTube.
Darshan Jariwala and Gunjan Malhotra in Half Ticket 2
Darshan Jariwala and Gunjan Malhotra in Half Ticket 2
About a year after the release of Half Ticket, Ultra Shorts have come up with the much-awaited sequel “Half Ticket 2”, also directed by Prathamesh PatilAyaan and Rhea are now in a long distance relationship but on the occasion of their one year anniversary, Rhea manages to surprise him with a visit. Hoping to celebrate their anniversary in the same spirited way met, they plan to attend the “Ultra Indian Derby”. But their anniversary celebrations go awry when Ayaan’s dad (essayed by Darshan Jariwala) shows up unannounced at his house. What ensues is a series of funny situations with Ayaan desperately trying to keep Rhea away from his father’s eyes. He gets some much-needed help from his roomie Pranav aka Peda (essayed by Kumar Varun). But is it enough to keep his suspecting father at bay? Well, you better watch it for yourself!

Half Ticket 2 is about enjoying those little moments in life. It is about friendship, camaraderie, sacrifice love, and respect. While the film has several interesting conversations, none beats the opening exchange between Ayaan and Pranav about evil bosses and elusive girlfriends. It perfects sums up the situation the majority of today’s youth find themselves in. It is all about being ambitious. Nothing is enough for us and yet at the same time we all try to find solace in whatever is available at our disposal. One is reminded of famous Oscar Wilde quote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” 
Darshan Jariwala and Kumar Varun in Half Ticket 2
Darshan Jariwala and Kumar Varun in Half Ticket 2
Perhaps, the best thing about Half Ticket 2 is how it deals with the delicacy of relationships. Nothing really feels forced here and the light-hearted humor adds to the beauty of the narrative. What’s amazing is that Half Ticket 2 achieves all this within a running time of just over 30 minutes. The acting is solid all around with Darshan Jariwala managing to steal the show. If you had liked Half Ticket then you will certainly enjoy watching Half Ticket 2. As for the others, you can also watch it as a standalone film; of course, you can always watch the first part later on.

Half Ticket 2 released on January 19, 2018, on the YouTube channel “Cheers!”—a new age YouTube Channel that tells fun, young stories through short films and web series. You can watch Half Ticket 2 here!

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