Bring Out the Patriot in you this Republic Day Special

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Though we don’t need a day to celebrate patriotism, but every 26th January and 15th August we Indians feel more patriotic. Don’t we? And how do we celebrate this day? Catch the awe-inspiring military parade on TV, listen to our President’s Speech, play some patriotic songs.... And then how about watching some patriotic movies to soak in the spirit of nationalism.

Celebrate this Republic Day by watching some patriotic movies on Netflix:

Chittagong: A 14-year-old boy, belonging to British Bangladesh, embarks on a journey to determine where he belongs. On this quest, he ends up joining a team of schoolboys intent on overthrowing the foreigners.

Lagaan: Nothing brings out inner patriot like cricket. The residents of Champaner are stretched thin, thanks to the exorbitant taxes levied by the British. The future of Champaner depends on a cricket match against Brits. Time shall tell who emerges triumphant.

Legend of Bhagat Singh: Bhagat Singh was an iconic freedom fighter who led an armed resistance against the British, back in 1920. This movie chronicles the life and time of this revolutionary.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero - One of the fiercest heroes to be born during the fight for independence, Netaji can incite the feeling of patriotism. Who can ever forget his iconic words, ‘Give me blood, and I will give you freedom’.

Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty: Indeed, a soldier is never off duty. Virat’s a soldier who accidentally bumps into a terrorist who planning on turning the city into rubble through a series of blasts. What follows next is his mission to ensure that it doesn’t happen so.

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