Let’s Talk About Suicide – My Virgin Diary: A Film By Nalin Singh

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“He was looking fine. He was a good, stable person. But one day came the news that he has committed suicide. It shook us from within” says actor-director Nalin Singh about his past roommate, Arun Jaiswal, who ended his life after some emotional turmoil. In the movie ‘My Virgin Diary,’ directed by Nalin, he has put forth Arun’s mysterious life and death.

Nalin says, “During hostel life, students deal with many ‘firsts,’ like new lifestyle, friends, roommates, exposure to new cultures and alternate ways of thinking, which creates a lot of pressure on them. In my movie, the protagonist deals with similar problems. It is a battle between his conscience and emotions, in which finally emotions won and took his life.”

Statistics state that, in India, around 2,403 suicides were committed by youngsters between 15 and 34 years of age in the last decade. According to a survey from the Mental Health & Rehabilitation Association of India (MHRAI), since the past 15 years, depression has doubled, and suicide tripled.

The pressure of excelling in academics is seen to be the prime reason behind these suicides. Students, especially living in hostels, undergo many psychological and emotional stresses. They have to adjust to a new environment and plan their lives accordingly. Failure in keeping up their identity among peers stresses them. Rejection from the opposite sex also depresses them. All this leads to lack of confidence after which they get attracted to indulgences like drinking and drugs, which ultimately results in suicidal tendency.

Financial worries, sexual adjustments, academic difficulties, and family problems are the primary reasons behind these young suicides. But who will take the onus to understand their mental agony? This question of Nalin is still unanswered. 

About Nalin Singh

Nalin Singh is an Actor, Script Writer and Director .  He is the graduate in English hons from Hindu College. Gold medalist in Theatre. His first film "Gandhi To Hitler" was screened in Cannes, Berlin film festival and released over 5 languages across the globe. He has directed "My Virgin Diary" which is scheduled to be released. 

An industry where success and failure is a part and parcel of life, according to Nalin Singh, passion and patience plays an important role to stay in the industry and keep going. Works of Imtiaz Ali and Neeraj Pandey motivated Nalin Singh to make films. He follows the belief that good content will always find an appreciation if creativity has been marketed well.

His latest release "A Night Before Surgical Strikes", a humorous fiction has been made to celebrate the Surgical Strikes, with which the face of India changed within a day. His next film, "My Virgin Diary" is a story of some small town boys, who form a musical band. Its all about love sex and rock n roll, inspired by Osho's ideologies, its going to be released in the summer holidays of 2017. Its cast includes artists from Poland, Brazil, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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