Inside Edge: Trailer Review

By Tanmay Shukla

Adaptation. A way to survive and perhaps the way to thrive. It has stayed true not just in evolution of life but also in the evolution of a highly competitive world of entertainment industry which is subject to incessant changes in both its creators as well as consumers. The former reacting to the latter's dynamic patterns in taste. The large audience of India, youth in particular, has also welcomed the OTT services like the rest of the world. The creative duo of Amazon Prime Video and Excel Entertainment has ventured into this platform with the philosophy, according to the founders of the latter, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, to feed fresh and quality content for the future audiences. Nitesh Kripalani, Head of Amazon Prime Video India, said that they are trying 'to change the way how [audience] consume premiere entertainment in India.'

Karan Anshuman, cricket aficionado and a blooming filmmaker, is the creator of 'Inside-Edge: Game Behind the Game', which explores why Cricket is much more than a sport, almost a religion in India, run by 'Film stars, Bureaucrats and Politicians'. Karan believes that this platform provides the 'freedom to tell stories [that] they want to, [without being] shackled by any kind of creative restraint, which both Film and TV lacks.' Basically, a web-series catering to Desi audiences which is resolute to match the global standards of content and quality.

Richa Chadda said that her character 'is the most complex character she has ever played'. Another insightful thing she shared was that actors are essentially ordinary people, presented 'as a package', who have their 'own insecurities', and they let people 'peek inside of our lives'. 

Angad Bedi, playing the skipper of Mumbai Mavericks, said that he drew inspiration from his father and former Indian Captain Bishan Singh Bedi, whose 'clean' career and virtues were the source of his portrayal, his guru, who he has imbibed to create the dedicated and 'honest' Aravind Vashistha.

Tanuj Virvani says his character is already 'a superstar in his own right' and 'wears stardom on his sleeve'. His natural talent and alliances off the field give the character an edge. Siddhant Chaturvedi was grateful to the director Karan, and said that he had the 'visual faculty to extract all the character out of me, with blood, sweat, slaps.'

Sayani Gupta, plays the analyst, which is in fact stark contrast to her in real life, far away from the statistics of Cricket. But she was confident that she looked convincing in the 'long monologues'. Sarah Dias kept us in shadow about her character, Mira Nagpal, and only revealed that she is 'a complex girl' and 'lover of sport.'

Farhan Akhtar said that he always 'wanted to do something in digital space' and Cricket is something the whole nation is passionate about so it will be interesting to work on something people already 'share a connection with.' For him, it's important to highlight not just the riches, but also the 'grit' of any person on screen, which 'inspires generations to come.'

Vivek Oberoi revealed that Vikrant Dhawan is 'a mastermind' who is basically running the show-bookies, betting, scandals. What he found intriguing was how it explored the dark world which has been a thing of mystery among the fans. 

Amazon Prime Video is accessible in 200 countries now, which gives great opportunity to showcase indigenous talent to a global audience, something which is exclusive to OTT platform. It also helps to 'raise the bar' in India and make global impact. Since Binge watching is almost ubiquitous across all OTT content, 'Inside Edge: Game Behind the Game' will be made available all at once when it's aired on 10th July.

Karan clarified that 'Inside Edge' does not set out to portray any real life incident or personality. He was proud to say that even though it is a testosterone driven sport, there are many empowered and strong female characters in 'Inside Edge'.

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Inside Edge - Official Trailer (YouTube)

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