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In 2005, the Indian film genre of crime and entertaining family drama was shaken up with a new benchmark presented by maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma with his blockbuster hit Sarkar. Starring thespian Amitabh Bachchan as the Godfather-esque patriarch of the city aka Subhash Nagre, the film's stellar success saw a second installment in 2008 with Sarkar Raj, firmly establishing it as one of the most impactful movie franchises of Hindi cinema. After more than eight years, the franchise is back with Amitabh Bachchan's ubiquitous fury, his trademark intimidating stares, highly memorable one-liners, complemented by a crescendo of haunting music. 

After the great buzz the first trailer of Sarkar 3 had created we have a second trailer which is even more powerful and hard hitting than the first one. Recently, Ram Gopal Varma had re-shot some of the scenes with Bachchan and one wonders which of them have made it to power-packed second trailer which seems to have further raised everybody's expectations. It is quite well known that RGV has been going through a difficult phases and so a lot now depends on how Sarkar 3 fares at the box-office. But the second trailer hits towards a major comeback for RGV. Sarkar 3 has a vast panoply of characters that only RGV's demented mind can spawn.

Sarkar 3 was earlier scheduled to release on 7th April 2017 but now the release has been postponed to 12th May. For now, you can watch the second trailer at:

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