Bollywood stars back again for the biggest Ramleela of the year

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Finally, the preparation of Delhi's biggest LuvKush Ramleela for this year has been given a head start, with the graceful presence of B-Town stars Manoj Tiwari, Anup Jalota and Shankar Sahni.

In a Press Conference held in Delhi, President of LuvKush Ramleela, Ashok Agrarwal revealed that this year the Ramleela play will be bigger than ever as most of the prominent personalities from the Bollywood industry will turn up on the stage in different characters, he said, “Finally the preparation of Ramleela is started for this year. And I am sure it will take place in a big manner. We are going to release the entire information of LuvKush Ramleela on our official website. And in comparison with last year, Ramleela is going to be showcased with more enthusiasm. Well, I am heartily thankful to the entire team of LuvKush Ramleela for making it possible on such a huge way.”

As per the characters revealed, Manoj Tiwari will portray the role of Angad, Anup Jalota will be Kevat, Shankar Sahni will play Raja Dashrath. Manoj Tiwari felt energetic for Ramleela, he said, “Firstly, a big thanks to Ashok Aggarwal, the Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota ji, my brother Shankar Sahni and the entire team of LuvKush Ramleela committee. Through this Ramleela we will take Lord Ram in each and every house. As per actor and politician, I will make sure Ramleela will be highlighted in a huge platform not only in Delhi but everywhere. As I feel deep connection with Ramleela, I am blessed that I get such a precious role.

On the other hand Anup Jalota mesmerised everyone by singing a few lines from Ramleela and shared his joyful thoughts for being the part of Ramleela this year, he said, “I feel blessed that LuvKush Ramleela Committee gave me chance to play Kevat. I am expecting God and people’s love and support, through which I can give good performance for the same.”

The 40 year old LuvKush Ramleela will be showcased from 21st September till 1st October, 2017.

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