I Am a Guy and I Too Deserve Respect - A Short Social Film Presented by Ed Wood Productions

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Recently the rejection of a guy by a girl over her pet dog became a major media sensation. The girl became a hero overnight as print and electronic media all across the world congratulated her for making such a bold choice. Apparently, the guy's mother was not comfortable with dogs and so the guy had urged the girl to abandon her pet dog. Instead of abandoning her beloved dog the girl ended up dumping him. Fair enough... her life, her choice! But what she did afterwards is questionable. She chose to share all her private conversations with her to-be husband on the social media, humiliating not only the poor guy but his family as well.
Gender equality is the need of the time but in urban areas the notion often gets misrepresented by certain opportunistic elements. With each passing day the situation is getting worse and worse for the guys living in the urban parts of India owing to the pseudo-feministic propaganda perpetuated by the nexus between the certain sections of the media and the intelligentsia. People have started taking the guys for-granted. It is a given that the guys are evil and that they exploit the fairer sex. Amidst the ever growing tyranny, a guy named Amit Auumkaar has chosen to take a stand. This crusade is not about disrespecting women or anything but it is essentially is about giving the guys the respect that they deserve. It's time for others to raise their voices as well. For, it's now or never!

I Am a Guy and I Too Deserve Respect

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