A Talk on Satyajit Ray by Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan

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A Talk, Satyajit Ray, Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan

Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray, the father of Indian neo-realistic cinema, is widely regarded as one of the greatest auteurs of the 20th century. His work mostly dealt with the cultural, religious and socio-economic ambiguities of the Indian middle class. 

During his long and illustrious career, Ray was a beneficiary of a multitude of meritorious awards, national and international, including the Bharat Ratna (Republic of India's highest civilian award) and an Academy Honorary Award (an Oscar for his lifetime contribution to cinema) in 1992.
Such has been the extent of influence of Ray's multifaceted humanistic works that even today the global audience relates to the Indian Cinema mostly through the means of his oeuvre.

Here is a short talk on the late Indian maestro by the Editor-in-Chief of A Potpourri of Vestiges, Murtaza Ali Khan, wherein the speaker has tried to touch upon the various aspects of Ray's life and filmmaking career:

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