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By Murtaza Ali Khan

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Wah Taj (2016) By Ajit Sinha
Wah Taj is a Hindi drama film directed by Ajit Sinha. Written by M. Salim and co-produced by Pawan Sharma and Abhinav Verma under the banners of Pun Films Pvt. Ltd. and SpyderWave Films, Wah Taj stars Shreyas Talpade, Hemant Pandey, and Manjari Fadnis in major roles. The film presents the story of a Marathi farmer who comes to Agra with his family and makes a bold claim on the land where the world famous Taj Mahal stands. What ensues is a legal battle between him and the state government to decide the validity of his claim.
Some films are just hopeless right from the very onset. Wah Taj is one such film. It is destined to be doomed. Everything about it appears to be out of place. A movie like Wah Taj happens when a maker fails to realize his limitations. It is usually not because of a lack of vision that cinematic disasters like Wah Taj take place but such aberrations are actually a result of overconfidence.

Let’s try to understand this in detail. Here is a film which attempts to be a political thriller, court room drama, satirical comedy, social commentary and revenge drama, all at the same time. The very idea itself sounds quite daring but how can one intend to realize it when one can't even get the dubbing right?
Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Phadnis in Wah Taj, Directed by Ajit Sinha
Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Phadnis in Wah Taj

The quality of filmmaking is so poor in Wah Taj that let aside a motion picture one would find it really hard to even qualify it as a television film. The film demonstrates us how a decent bunch of actors can be let down by poor writing and overambitious direction.

Overall, Wah Taj proves to be a disappointing film. Mind it, it is no cinch to make a film as bad as this, for everything has to go wrong and in the worst possible manner for a film like Wah Taj to come into being and sadly that's precisely what the creative team achieves here. Wah Taj is a perfect example of how not to make a movie. In simple words, it is a dud. You would do well to stay away from it.

Rating: 2.5/10

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