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Television and film has given the public some truly memorable titles over the years, with their adaptation of popular novels, or the introduction of a new concept having made audiences crave for more of the same. While every genre has its specific group of followers, such as romantic comedies or horror fans, arguably one of the largest communities out there is science fiction.

In a similar vein to action or drama, sci fi is a theme that has a lot of room for creativity and longevity, and thus a lot of conventions from other genres we like can be pulled in to create a multi-dynamic story. What is more, due to how accessible and ever expanding sci fi is, it enables other sectors within the entertainment industry to produce products that utilize and combine our ever growing love of space, and the weird and wonderful.
Over the years, the entertainment industry has created many sci fi influenced games based on some of our most beloved TV shows and films, enabling series to live on through the medium of games. Although there are a lot of titles that spring to mind, two very specific activities need to be discussed, firstly Battlestar Galactica.

This television series had two notable appearances, one back in the late 1970s and then a rebirth from 2004-2009, after which the show ended much to fans’ disappointment. While the ending of the show came as a huge blow to the fandom, activities that capture the programme’s love of exploration still live on. In fact, one of the chief ways to return to the crew is via the various slot machines found online at places like Betway; you can sign up to play more slots online or can choose to simply pay homage to a classic series now gone. In addition to this group of fans enjoying their series through the medium of game, so too are Defiance viewers and gamers.
Syfy, a popular outlet for all things sci fi, created a TV programme and game that ran side by side another, with the MMO shooter drawing references from the episodes that had aired previously. What this meant was that with every update, a new element of the TV show would be placed into the sister game, thus maintaining a parallel world between the two. As a result of this ingenious collaboration, the show can now carry on through the game, therefore allowing fans to keep saving the earth from alien invasions, and never breaking that connection between fan and show.

Both of the aforementioned titles are very different in setup, graphics, soundtracks, and just about every other element you can think of, but at their core they respect how important it is for a TV show to live on even after the last credits have rolled.

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