KRK apologizes to Bollywood, promises to become a serious critic

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Kamaal Rashid Khan in Deshdrohi
Kamaal Rashid Khan in Deshdrohi

Kamaal Rashid Khan (aka KRK), infamous for his oafish ways, has finally offered an apology to the Bollywood fraternity. Given his past record, KRK doesn't come across as someone who would easily apologize, especially given his huge ego.

So, how did this happen? Well, the credit goes to one Vikram Bhatt. Bhatt, who had earlier filed a defamation case against Khan, also started a campaign on twitter against Khan's incessant and insensitive attacks at artists.

Here's what KRK tweeted:

Vikram Bhatt was magnanimous enough to accept KRK's apology. Here's what he tweeted:

However, what remains to be seen is if KRK actually means it or it's just another gimmick to stay in the news.

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