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A Witch Hunt in Faridabad, W|POV Films

A couple of hours back, I received an email from W|PoV Films seeking my help in spreading the awareness about the disappearance of three young indie filmmakers who had taken a trip to Faridabad to make a film about a seemingly fictional tale of a witch narrated to one of the filmmakers by his father. The mail talks about a hard disk sent to W|PoV Films by a certain person named Arun S. The accompanying letter makes W|PoV Films the rightful owner of the hard disc. Now, this hard disk contains a raw footage of videos which is said to have been recorded by the three filmmakers before their disappearance. Sounds spooky, doesn't it? Well, it almost immediately reminded me of The Blair Witch Project (1999). Here's what the email read:
The following film is a collection of raw video files found stored in a hard disc. The hard disc was was sent to us from a person named "Arun S." According to the letter accompanying the hard disc, we are the rightful owners of the hard disc. 
From what we understand of the clips, it is a series of recordings made by an amateur film maker named Dhruv Vidur. Dhruv, along with 2 other people (Deepanshu and Sagar), was in the process of making a film about an arguably fictional story told to him by his father. 
The 3 of them encountered something while shooting this film which led to their disappearance. We have compiled the clips in a sequential order (as per the file numbering). For requesting an access to film, please write to wpovfilms@gmail.com.
Is it a cooked up story or is it for real? Well, for now, you can watch the trailer and decide it for yourself. If it gets you hooked, you can always request an access to the entire film by writing to wpovfilms@gmail.com.

A Witch Hunt in Faridabad - Official Trailer
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  1. Excellent film. Whether its a hoax or not remains to be discovered!


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